June 11, 2021

Will Sony a6000 be GOOD ENOUGH in 2020? | VS Sony a6100

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Amazon | BH

Amazon | BH

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  • Happy Thanksgiving y’all! Enjoy this video! We had a BLAST making it! 🙂
    a6000 Amazon https://geni.us/i1UA8 | BH https://geni.us/FK5xAZ
    a6100 Amazon https://geni.us/WhcOi | BH https://geni.us/nnnpVA
    Mic Relocator Plate: https://geni.us/DVkNX (Amazon)

  • Is anybody well educated on the a6000 and able to communicate with me in these comments? I was thinking about recording concert performances with the a6000 and I’d be using more video than camera. Does anybody recommend that option ?

  • Have used the A6000 for photography for a while now. Don't know if an A6100 would be that much of a step up. Not into video so I may continue with what I have until new prices come down.

  • Or be me and look at a Nex5 N on ebay for £60ish cos your smartphone isn't doing your wildlife justice and know that most photography is more about composition and subject matter than how many $$$$$$ your kit costs. "All the gear and no idea" fits most purchasers, that and "upgradeitits"

  • ¡Amigos encontré
    algo increíble una biblioteca con más de 50mil libros se llama EL LIBRO TOTAL
    la pueden encontrar en google y también pueden descargar la app!!!

  • Bro, u told that u use two different cameras for shooting photos and blogging, so which cameras r they? Please tell me the model names and lenses that you use. By the way, I'm inspired by your camera photography nd that's why I'm asking what camera gear do u use.

  • Guys which is much Better ?
    Sony a6000 or canon m50?
    I still considering for my first mirror less camera.

    Yeah I'm broke.

  • Hi from turkey. where are you from? İ liked your video. İ want to buy Sony a6100. İ decided to buy after your videos.

  • Picked up sony a6000 used for $250 with 20mm pan cake lens, sold the lens for $200 net. Waiting for the sigma 30mm f1.4 ($230). It seems my choice to go to a6000 isn't that bad. Battery is a concern but two extra batteries with charger is $20 in amazon. As a hobbyist photographer A6000 is totally worth it especially you can pick used one for $300 with kit lens.

  • I like the xperia 1 camera system.. There have an amazing focus on eyes focus… The best photography thing

  • Thanks for the video. It definitely helped. I went with the A6000. The price point and features offered the most bang for.my buck in my opinion. I ended up purchasing the kit that comes with 2 lenses for $650. If purchased separately the lenses will run about $550. It seemed like the best deal. Any suggestions on lenses other than the 2 that come in the kit that wont break the bank?

  • Which one u will prefre sony a6000 with kit lnse + 55-210mm or sony a6100 with ony kit lnse…..I have limited budget tht what I can get from by budget….can u suggest me?? Thanks in advance

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