June 12, 2021

Why I Wouldn't Invest in Sony APSC in 2019 and Beyond

Sony APS-C is dead. With the a6600 and a6100 releases, they have showed us that full frame is where their focus is. We were all hoping for a video centric a7000, but at $1400 for the Sony a6600, and $2000 for the A7III, there’s no way we see a major update to the APSC line. It would take away sales from both the a6600 and a7 III. Sony aps c will go the way of the A mount.

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  • Very good points! But Sony could easily rescue apsc by making a really small cam like a5100 but with all cheap a6400 features, for all who simply never use a EVF like me, and never use addon flash. Little things like a battery with same format but better capacity should be possible after so many years.

  • A6300 &the a6600
    Same iso performance
    Same mediocre bitrate
    Same bit depth (8)
    Same HDMI out
    Same frame rates


    You should've ridiculed them more it is completely ridiculous.

    The gh5 turned magical after their bitrate update.. But Sony is just false hope at this point.

    The fx9 has super 35 functionality. The a7siii might. But who wants to use an a7siii for super 35 invested glass.

  • Without so many YouTubers plugging whatever shit Sony brings out ..Without YouTube Sony wouldn’t even try to get away with this insult to our intelligence.

  • I'm already depressed so you will probably cripple me but I'm subscribing baby! Funny/ shit video. I love it

  • You look real good in "Green." Sort of like an alien, Hey I didn't say 'illegal Alien" this time although I frequently say that term. crew NYC laws. Did I tell you I'm descended from the "Huns". I'm a rebel. I like conspiracy stories. Got it! The deep state-approved hearsay from Whistleblowers. No longer do you have to know it first hand. The definition of "Whistleblowers" doesn't mean anything anymore. So, here comes my hearsay rumour. The "A-mount" lives on. I heard it somewhere. I heard, that Sony will come out with a mirrorless A-mount digital camera. Well, they will someday and it will cost more money than what Hillary and old Joe have stashed away in a deep state safe. Yea, you read it here. I loved your video, that is why I subscribed to your channel. Next, spoof that Tony and his wife video V-logs. He also said the A-mount is dead. Damn him! bye now.

  • Pero aweonao, si tengo 300 Lukas me alcanza pa la a6000 y compro lentes, y cuando me gane sus wenos morlacos compro una A7

  • You are an interesting person to listen to but some of you’re arguments seem flawed
    A. Unlike the a99 Sony released new APS-C sized e mount lenses in their g lineup
    B. The Panasonic s1h is more expensive than the a7r4 which is fine but song needs to get off its ass with the a7s3
    C. The Fuji xt3 has no ibis something you are constantly talking about

    Yes the 10 bit video is a cool thing similar to the raw editing of photos
    but it would appear to me that with the new glass they put out these cameras are a boring stop gap on an aging APS-C sensor (that is still competitive at most price points) camera range that will soon get done over. The naming conventions seem in line with what song did with the predecessor nex lineup

  • problem with your video, is you assume everyone who wants a camera needs the very best and has unlimited funds. you are wrong on both of those assumptions. this is why aps-c exist, and will continue to exist. a hobbyist strapped for cash isn't gonna throw down a few thousand bucks just cause "sony didn't upgrade their hobbyist tier line of cameras even more than their top of the line cameras". get real dude.

    you people truly think they would make their aps-c line of cameras BETTER than their just released FF A7VR4 for 1/4th the price…. reality check dude.

  • I am sick of keep on spending my hard earn money on new camera! Enough is enough! Man you are so funny! I must subscribe to your channel. So I did! Ha….

  • The irony is the perfect camera would actually be your nemesis. Not sure how many episodes entitled " Erm I've got the perfect camera" you could get away with

  • what do you think of the new Canon M6 Mark II. I need something for taking interior and real estate photography. It is similar price to the Sony a6400.

  • i got a sony nex3n years ago. i have thought about getting the a6400 in the last week or two, so i can record in 4k, attach external flash if i want and take advantage of many other "newer" features. what should i get if not the a6400? i have a few 3-mount lenses already so if i can stay in the same structure i will. otherwise, i need to just get a different brand all together…

  • literally color graded a crap scenario to become a saturated mess. and the image is clipping just the same as before. like wut.

  • You dont invest in a camera, you invest in stocks and bonds. Buying a camera is an expense, not an investment

  • Your best hammer bit yet. I’m dying here! You’ve stepped up your game. Still amazed you’re only at 50k subs.

  • The only way to get rid of the blown out window while keeping the interior properly lit is to buy an Arri Alexa.

  • I had the nex6 then the a6000 and didn’t want to buy another sony camera, the short battery life no mic input and over heating was hell doing work with them, I ended getting the Olympus em-5 mark ii while I waited for the gh5 to come out and had it the day of launching, those cameras gave me everything i needed plus more, i still use them today I would not get another camera until there is a new E-M5 iii or gh6, yeah the auto focus is dreadful but if i had to choose something to work around focus would be the easier option then constantly over heating and wobbly bad footage.

  • Another YouTuber that don’t have idea about photography, just talking because the air it’s free

  • I find it funny how people are mad at other brands for taking away features from lower end models, but then complaining about Sony bringing higher end features to entry level bodies. I mean I also think that the differences between 6100 and 6400 are minimal, but still…

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