January 22, 2021

Ultimate Video Game Drum Cover

This medley is a compilation of 37 songs from various video games that I’ve enjoyed over the years.


Super Mario Bros. 0:15
Doom (1993) 0:38
Doom (2016) 0:55
Tetris 1:20
Goldeneye 1:45
Portal 2:06
Red Alert 2:26
Crash Bandicoot 2:52
Grim Fandango 3:36
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 3:58
Zero Punctuation 4:13
The Jimquisition 4:36
Co-Optional Podcast 4:51
AngryJoeShow 5:18
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 5:36
Quake II 6:08
Metroid Prime 6:28
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 6:46
God of War 7:07
Donkey Kong Country 2 7:33
Ducktales 8:03
Mass Effect 2 8:39
Banjo Kazooie 9:10
Final Fantasy X 9:44
Halo 3 10:04
Mortal Kombat 10:31
Starcraft II 11:07
Star Fox 11:36
Mega Man 2 12:03
Metal Gear Solid 2 12:25
Adventures of Lolo 3 12:59
Pokemon 13:14
Super Mario Kart 13:29
Super Smash Bros. 13:57
Kirby Super Star 14:18
Sonic the Hedgehog 14:43
Super Mario Galaxy 2 15:09

My only regret of this video is that I couldn’t include a song from my favorite video game soundtrack – The Last of Us.

This video was a labor of love that took several months to piece together – hope you enjoy!

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