June 9, 2021

Tricks Carnivals DON'T Want You To Know

Oh, the carnival. A place where dreams are made and hopes are dashed. A place where those who dream of showing off their skill at cheap little games and becoming the champion of the, uh, carnival, can try their best. Here’s the deal, though: those games are rigged and tampered with to make the wins that much less frequent, although they make you feel like you were, “oh so close last time.” Here we’ll show you some of the common tricks carnivals employ to ensure failure and how to overcome them. Here we’ll show you Tricks Carnivals Don’t Want You to Know!

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5. Cat Rack
This game seems like it would be easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy, but you know what? It’s really not as easy as it looks, but if you’ve got some common sense, you’ve probably at least kind of figured out the trick to this carnival activity. What you should really be doing is trying your best to aim the ball at the noses of these creepy lil’ clowns. If you can hit the noses (or somewhere else in the general area), your chances of success go way up. If you hit them too low, you’re not going to do much, and your ball is just going to bounce off; too high and you’re just going to move them slightly and not make them drop like it’s hot. Accuracy is the real key here, not force, and once you figure that one out, you’ll be golden, Ponyboy.

4. Don’t Do the Tubs!
This here is yet another carnival game that it’s better off just to avoid because it is rigged and the carny has a way of setting things up to make you feel like you’ve got a chance. In all likeliness, you won’t prevail, but heck, if you can land the first ball or are confident that you can, go ahead and give it a shot. The setup goes like this: the carny throws a ball into the bouncy plastic bucket from a sort of advantage point, then hands you the second ball to practice. If you hit it, your ball may stay (because of the ball already thrown inside deadening the bounce of your throw), and it’ll get you confident. But then you get both balls with neither already in the bucket, and your chances of landing the first to deaden the bounce are very slim. More than likely, your shot is just going to bounce out and leave you frustrated! So don’t play! Nobody likes an angry carnival-goer.

3. Coin Toss
Oh, the coin toss… frustrating children and adults alike since forever. Here’s the deal, the chances of winning at this game are pretty slim—especially if you’ve never had practice—but if you think you’ve got what it takes, go ahead and give it a shot. We’ll also give you just a couple tricks to help you out in your coin-tossing journey. Throw the coin in an arc and try to get it to drop as straight down as you possibly can. If you pitch it like Randy Johnson, chances are, you won’t even come close to achieving your goal. A high arc with less forward movement will give the coin a slight chance of landing on the plate, or the spot you need it to and staying there. You could also use a little bit of spit and get that rubbed on the coin to give it some slight adhesive help, but don’t lick the coin to achieve this; ew, germs. You can also attempt to bounce the coin off one plate and try to land it on another, as many do. Okay, those are our coin toss tips. Good luck!

2. The Annoying Milk Bottles
We’ve all seen it; we’ve all tried it; we’re talking about the ol’ Milk Bottle Toss. You know, the annoying game where you need to knock over a stack of milk bottles? Some do achieve a win here, and it’s probably because they know where to aim or it’s luck, but there really is a sweet spot that you need to hit in order to win this one. Stop aiming for the junction between all of the metal milk bottles, in the middle of your targets, and start aiming for the very bottom of the bottom jars, right between the center two, and then give it your best go. The bottles are weighed down at the bottom and won’t all typically fall if you hit the stack in the middle; no, you need to go for broke and sweep the bottom of the stack. Now that you know, you can trick those carny tricksters and take home the prize!


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  • Hammer game is all about leverage. My cousins a competitive martial artist and I’m a non athlete. He swung the hammer with both hands at the base. It went up halfway. I used proper form for using a splitting maul, and got the bell to ring first try.

  • I played the balloon dart game, and the guy said 6 balloons gets you a big prize. Well i had three darts, hard angled them and got six balloons. He then says "only one dart per balloon". Big old unpleasant argument ensued.

  • # 13 don’t watch this video if you want to go to carnival/theme with your kids …. I’m absolutely sure the grinch has something to do with this

  • Trying to knock over the bowling pin… why not aim far enough to the side of the pin so that the return trajectory strikes the pins center. In other words aim for an imaginary pin beside the real one.

  • the melk bottles are rigged ad the boddom there not in a straight line one sligly back of the other and theirfore wont fall over when you pay enough money , then they puttem in a straight line and you win

  • So where's the "tricks"? All i'm hearing is "don't play this". What a waste of time this video was. Why go to a carnival if you don't want to play games? That's half the fun. Of course it's rigged, they have to make money. Of course it's a ripoff, if i really wanted that dollar store toy i'd go to a dollar store. The fun is in playing not winning. The point is to have fun and experience it. Don't talk your kid out of it by telling him you'll take him to the dollar store later. Let him play the damn duck game and win himself a prize so he feels special. You can take him to the store any time. Let him have that childhood experience we've all had where we "win" a duck game. Next you'll be saying don't waste your money on carnival food, it's too expensive and unhealthy. Pack an apple instead. How often do people go to carnivals? If you're actually going to go then splurge a little, play a few rigged games, eat the unhealthy overpriced food and make it an adventure for you or your family instead of letting your child grow up with memories of having to pack a snack to go to the fair where they weren't allowed to play any games!

  • People that profess to worry about how I spend my money just annoy the dickens out of me .Plus making me paranoid of them.what do they want me to be grateful ??
    More like they are trying to climb into my purse.
    Why don't they stick to talking about what is theirs…

  • So Umm an ethnic goldfish is what Umm darker than regular gold fish ?? Or Gold fish with their pants sagging down below their waste line.. " Not a good game in general when you think about the ethnics here " I mean really reflect on that for a sec. Don't platy the goldfish game when non white people are present ?? Whaaaaaa ? lol However her "ping pong versus Rock invasion of the gold fish pretty much accurately sums up the life experience of most ethnics for what its worth LOL !!! Good job girlie hahahahaa

  • sneeky leveraging your own opinions and morals in this how to video,,, u drink milk, eat breakfast, use a wallet or belt rite? how does it feel now that your dwelling in the dooche zone ..?

  • A guilt trip about a fucking goldfish game?!!……………..Only a sad mental midget lefty would come up with that shit.

  • I was a game supervisor at Cedar Point in Sandusky OH for 4 years. Since oc what your said is incorrect. The ring toss is actually easy to win and has nothing to do with spin. Buy a bucket of rings and divide them into groups of three. Stack three rings on top of each other and throw them straight up in the air. When the rings hit the bottle the bottom ring hits the bottle bounces up and knocks the top ring away. The same thing when the things bounces again it knocks the top ring off. All the energy is now gone and the bottom ring sits on top of the bottle. You do have to hit the top of the bottle but with a bucket of rings it will happen.
    Coin toss. The coin toss is done the same way ad the the ring toss by stacking three coins on top of each other.
    The softball in the bucket is easy with a little practice. Hold the ball with your thumb on one side of the ball and your fingers on the other. The three ball extremely high without any spin. When you put the high arc on the ball you want it to hit the very front of the rim. They're not any springs or everything involved. You want to really win just practice at home. We use to go on road trips to ourselves all over and fill u haul trailers with everything from animals to bikes. After a entire day they finally will ask you to leave, but you have a thousand dollars worth of stuff then off you go. If you ever do another show about games feel free to let me know. Thanks

  • My favorite game of the 60s was Arkies place. He had a bottle with objects called pills with numbers on it. He had a table with slots with numbers on it and a ball he rolled. Everyone put up a quarter and if ball landed in your number you won the money. If ball did not land on anyone's number he would count the numbers until there was a winner. Every roll Arky kept a quarter. I was only 13 but I was 6' 2" tall for the time so he let me play. My mother (a good Methodist) said no gambling at the Fair. I was very lucky at it and when I came home with my pockets weighted down with quarters boy did I get a whipping. I would go back the next night and play again. lol

  • My friend was trying the tub one and spent like 15 quid and failed every time I asked for a go and did it first try by throwing it as lightly and close to the bottom as possible

  • At 71 years of age I've been to a lot of carnivals and State fairs. To win, I made equipment very similar to that used at a game and practiced until the carnival/fair returned… then beat them at their own game. I particularly like the fishing pole used to stand up a coke bottle sitting on an angled board; the large water tank with yellow and red discs floating around in a circle; and the very large rubber dart gun that is shot at a large heart. I show up wearing a bright shirt/jacket – ace their game for the largest prizes which I leave and put into my car – then change my bright wear into something else, waste about an hour – and come back for round two. At one time my young son had 34 of the large (3' or bigger) carnival/fair prizes in his room. We eventually gave them to the children's hospital. Anyone can do this. I'm happy to see you describe some of the more common cons, but reference the "fish bowl" came. I don't accept attributing human characteristics to a fish. It's not sentient, doesn't 'think,' has no feelings and exists for the basic four – eat, defecate, reproduce and die. Cruel? The SPCA doesn't think so as they allow any carnival/fair to continue offering them as prizes.

  • They are JUST FISH LADY. If it was a Dog, no one would pay or play. Carnival games are ALL a scam. I avoid playing them at all costs. Its set up to take your money. If you read science into all these games, they are ALL rigged.

  • 3:26 it is accuracy, but not for dead center. the pad is a red herring you wanna hit the arm as far away from the fulcrum as possible….its just leverage and physics.

  • With the ladder hook your legs under it so when it flips and usually does the moment the carnie lets go of it you won't get dumped like a load of bad asphalt.

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