June 10, 2021

Tomy American Pinball overview / gameplay

After the amazing responses from my last video, I had to do it justice by giving it’s own time to shine.

Tomy made quite a few tabletop pinball games but this one is the rarest next to “Pirate Treasure” Pinball. It is rare but mind you this was released in 1991 where as Tomy Atomic Arcade was released back in 1978.

I didn’t mention in the video but this goes out to atarileaf who if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t start up my tabletop pinball collection either, check out his channel and subscribe to him if you haven’t yet:

and his Atomic Pinball review:

Nguồn: https://sc2-strategy.com/

Xem thêm bài viết khác: https://sc2-strategy.com/game/

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  • Is yours made from china mine is a 40 inches long and its blue its a Harley Davidson model? Some reason the power in the back stop working

  • Did you know you can do bang backs and death saves on these? I have a Tomy Astro Shooter and do bang back all the time. It's kind of difficult to do and when I do it, I feel like a badass. Cheers!

  • Nice Vid. its called "astro shooter" in the UK…. I repaired one of these on my channel recently…. great game!

  • Instead of having the front end music so bloddy loud how about making it so that people don't have to turn it all the way down only to max it out just to hear you otherwise wow WTF.

  • Totally awesome! working pop bumpers, a working scoring reel, makes the mini tables being sold today look like crap. Definitely going to have to see about getting one of these if I can find one.

    The only thing that Tomy might've done to make it better would be to have bells instead of the electronic sounds to make the table really old-school, but even so it's not a deal-breaker..

  • I just sold one of these for $90 on Ebay. finally dragged it out of the closet and had no idea it was worth anything.

  • There was a baseball themed game just like this with the same layout. I can't seem to find it anywhere! It was a slightly bigger unit than this….anyone know what I'm talking about?

  • Tomy's Atomic Arcade was the first toy pinball, but this revision makes it look like a dollar-store "bagatelle" pocket game.

    Are there any sites with tutorials on how to customize toy pinball machines? Maybe you can't add real drop targets, pop bumpers, powered flippers, or rollovers, but I'd like to take my generic game and change it into a Doctor Who or My Little Pony theme, with some extra challenge shots (targets or ramps) and SFX.

  • Looks just like "Astroshooter" with another theme ^^
    Same sounds than Astrooshooter 1St gen
    Same features too and everything at the same places, or almost ^^

  • This is a really cool looking little machine. I'd love to get my hands on one, but the prices in the last year have seemed to skyrocket. Such a shame.

  • Hey Matt, usually they do pop up on eBay but the average price on them right now is between $90 to $110 dollars on buy it now's since they never do auctions.

  • How much does one of these go for nowadays? I've been dying to get a pinball machine for my man cave, but those full sized arcade machines are just too damn expensive. But this mini one is actually pretty cool, and might be the solution to my problem.

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