June 11, 2021

The Sony a7 vs a7ii – GET THE a7

You can find the Sony a7 here!

Sony a7 –

Best Budget photography kit!

My 4k editing pc build

Favorite pro filmmaker

The Camera and set up I used to film this video

Sony a7sii –
85mm GMaster 1.4 –

Lighting for this video

XPLOR 600 –
Soft box –

Link to the images!!

Nguồn: https://sc2-strategy.com/

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  • I bought the A7 because of incredible price of $540 with full warranty, however if you don't use flash and you do low light photography and don't have a F1.4 lens than you'll have to have a stabilized lens and hold the camera rock steady or use a tripod of else you'll be wishing you had the A7II with IBIS in body image stabilization especially if you ever plan on using vintage lenses. I love my A7, just sometimes I wish it had IBIS.

  • Hi! I'm looking for a Camera and I'm in doubt between a6000 with the 18-105mm and Sony alpha 7 with the kit lense im mainly looking for a Camera for landscape and portrait photography video is secondary.

  • If you care about shooting stills, the in body image stabilisation of the A7II allows you to go as slow as 1/30 of a second (or even lower) to allow for a better exposure in low light. Sensor stabilisation is an amazing and rare feature among full frame cameras, and makes the A7II, at least in my humble opinion, a much better choice that the A7.

  • Hi! Is it good enough due to realize great videos? Or would be better to buy a newer camera with 4k, more focus point etc..

  • Does image stabilization in a7ii really give a decent impact? and from the internet the lowlight from a7ii better than a7. Im just getting more serious in photography, what're ur thoughts? Im really confuse on what camera i'll take

  • I'v just bought used body a7, almost new for 450$. Btw along with a fe 50/1.8 its great cheap combo:)

  • It’s now 3 years since you made this video lol And I’m honestly thinking about getting the Sony a7 but I noticed the Sony a7ii is only a few hundred bucks more, I only shoot portraits but of course I want Sharp crisp images. Do you think it makes a big difference with the image stabilizer?

  • The sony a7 is a really good camera on itself. But as i read someone else say before on photography forum that the a7ii feels more like the end product and that the a7 would be just the test model. Honestly in the end it's all about the shoot you can get, and as long as the sensors good then the picture will look good. But IBIS, a better body as well as better AF makes the A7II feel more well done as a camera compared to the A7.

  • Please help!!!!! The exact when you feel about A7 in this video is exactly how I feel right now about the A7II it keeps going on sale for $998 and the a7III is still $2,000+ currently I have a Canon SL2. Do you think this will be an upgrade in the stills department?

  • hi adrian, i would like to know something, how do you export your videos to look this good? i mean definition-wise, the image is so sharp.. each time I upload to youtube i sense i notable loss on sharpess and video quality overall. thanks.

  • Bought my a7ii for 650 with a battery grip and 6 batteries paired with a samyang 35 2.8 and some vintage glass it covers all my needs

  • Would you go for an A7 II + Tamron 28-75 f2.8 or A7 III + Sony 28-70 f3.5-5.6?
    Semi-Pro use, mostly studio work (product/portraits), outdoor sessions… Both combos are the same price in my country, kinda tight budget (wouldn't be able to upgrade for almost a year). Thanks!

  • In 2019 the a7 has only gone done $100 to $899. The a7ii has come down to $999. Would have gotten the a7rii, but that price is holding around $1500.

  • Still prefer the ii, IBIS allows better use of all my old vintage lenses with image stabilization. Good video good discussion.

  • If you are starting out full frame , I would say it is much better to invest in good lenses but most of the optics are dependent on the lens. Get a good G or G Master lens or the prime lenses' and you are good to go. Lens will stay for decades. More important than anything is to learn photography and the art of it. To be honest, every full frame Sony Camera and lens' give consistent good photographs. To pixel peep on chromatic aberration and bokeh balls is not the art of photography.

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