January 21, 2021

The History of WCW Video Games Part III – The Golden Age of Grappling.

Many look at the AKI wrestling games on the Nintendo 64 as some of if not THE greatest games in the entire genre, and it all started right here. WCW vs. nWo World Tour and WCW/nWo Revenge stand the test of time, are easily playable and still loads of fun today, and spoilers: I do agree, this was the golden age of video game grappling.

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Games That Didn’t Get Enough Love

‘The History of WCW Video Games Part II – Where The Big Boys Play(Station)’

‘The History of WCW Video Games Part I – 8 Bit Debut, 16 Bit Push’

‘The History of Mortal Kombat’

‘The History of SmackDown!’

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‘Dancer 2’


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  • I had WCW vs. NWO World Tour for the Nintendo 64 when I was a kid. I played that game so many times, you wouldn't even believe it. That was easily one of the best childhood memories I had. BTW, I also remember that the referee in the game counts to 20 for a match to end in a countout instead of 10. I always thought that was a little crazy.

  • I wonder what it would take for WWE to release a WCW, ECW and even NWA and AWA wrestling games (1 for each Promotion), but using the 2k20 engine and graphics? They'd sell great and could have story modes with real voice acting from guys like DDP, Booker T, basically any SuperStars that are in WWE. Could have multiple versions, like how they do in WWE, think Booker T in Harlem Heat and his 2000 self, Nash & Hall in nWo and Wolfpack attire. All 3 Stings. Goldberg story, where you compete his Streak. WCW would sell huge, ECW would probably as well, and even NWA & AWA would probably be profitable.

    That, and Best of Nitro, Vol-4, and Best of Thunder (2 volumes would cover it all).

  • Just found your channel, watched and subscribed. Thank you for the trip down memory lane. Huge parts of growing up for me as well. Had em all!

  • I remember getting Revenge from the Sears catogue as a child. Freakin' cartridge was 115 canadian dollars. Yet, it was worth every penny. Ahhh! The grappling golden age. This is perfectly described.

  • 8:14 "gimme hell yeah" fuck his no sell, hulk up, leg drop lol…but I loved world tour and adored revenge!

  • I don't remember costs in the late 90s, but was it really $70 for an N64 game? Damn, how did anybody have any games back then, especially if the N64 was only $200 itself?

  • I imported Virtual Pro Wrestling 64 from Japan and damn was it worth it. Such a large roster and all the Japanese legends too.

  • I know I probably commented on this video before, but I sure hope you do a review of WrestleMania 2000 and No Mercy in a double feature sorta-thing 😀

  • I got WCW vs NWO World Tour and Revenge a few days ago and they're awesome thanks for telling me about these great games

  • Just did a search because I wanted remember the last WCW game before they got eaten up by the WWF at the time.
    Damn where they some of the best games I have every played… So much good times with friends and no other wrestling game was greater. Like srs the PS Yuks developed Smackdown sucked… so much….

  • My Goodness This Bought Back So Many Many Great Memories on my N64!!!!!
    I remember play in WCW vs NWO World Tour for the first time at the time I was deciding weather to get the PlayStation or the N64 and when I played WCW vs NWO World Tour for the first time I knew a 64 was my route to go and I'm so glad I did.

  • If i remember correctly, you could make battle royals pin only, so no over the top eliminations. Match could last hours.

  • Me and my mates played the shit out of revenge!!! We’d go out get drunk then pile back to my brothers flat and play it all night….good times!

  • This series is one of the best I've ever seen on YouTube. Productions amazing and u sir are outstanding. Brings back so many memories.. unbelievable

  • Did I see that n64 game was $69.95?! Wow. I thought new games today were expensive. I dnt remember n64 games being that expensive. Damn.

  • Dude you're a funny guy you always make me laugh so hard when you curse 🤘😂 I don't know why. Keep up the great videos and channel

  • Awesome video series as always. And speaking of Twisted Metal and Jet Moto how about a series on them?

  • Most of what I knew about wrestling as a kid (and now) was b/c of Revenge, that was a fun game. I'm sure it would still hold up today.

  • Thank you so much for this series. Its reignited my love for these games to the point I've purchased most of the games you've covered haha. (Even backstage assault ..🙃)

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