May 8, 2021

Subnautica: In-Game Lag and Crash Fix

This video covers my experience in fixing the chronic lags and eventual crashes that plagued the save game. The fixes are information given on various sources on line and this video is just about my use of these fixes.

Some of the links to sources regarding how to fix crashes.

IGP has a vid on how to fix the game after an update which uses the same solution and some other advice as well (good vid).

Subnautica is developed by Unknown Worlds:


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  • What happens to me is first there is a new window that pops up and says "unity 2019.2.8f1_347" then it disapears and says "subnautica.exe has stopped working. A program has caused the program to stop working".
    Can someone please help me?
    Im trying to copy paste this comment to every subnautica crash fix video so that someone can fix it.

  • Wow i really wish all the reviews i watched mentioned the fact this game essentially can't run on a ps4 without shitting the bed literally once or more per minute instead of hyping the shit out it and acting like it's not actually fucking broken. Seriously why is this game 40 dollars it's worth like 10 max. Fuckin unpolished trash i was honestly enjoying myself too.

  • Cache delete makes no difference in the latest version. Nothing seems to solve stuttering issue in this game.

  • So when I start a wolrd everything is fine I am in the lower part of my cyclops and I can got out of it to swim but when I walk a bit inside or climb the ladder the game crashes! And I don’t know why

  • Do you think its going to be a patch for this in the future? I would hate to do this over and over again

  • i had/ve the problem, that i cant loud the game (its crashed by louding the object part)… so i searched and tested two ways …. i try to delete both files and try delete only this file "baked-batch-cells-14-18-15" and it works, both of them, could come back to the game …. but every had one technically problem … i could not save the games anymore … could somebody help me with this? thx … sry, my english is shit, i know

  • What do I do if I am getting this lag at the start of the game lmao??? I just bought it and the FPS issues are horrible. I go from 144 fps down to 10 or less for no reason at all. The game looks like it could be a ton of fun, but I can't handle the constant fps drops…. It ruins everything about the game not just immersion.

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