June 12, 2021

Sony XB12 Review – Actually Pretty Decent

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This year at CES 2019, Sony announced their new Sony XB32 and XB22 speakers… But weirdly enough, they haven’t announced a new Sony XB42… instead they announced their new Sony XB12. Its a small single transducer speaker that has a new built in strap that’s small enough to take with you anywhere. But for 60 bucks… I think its a hard sell.

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  • I’ve had my Sony XB 12 for a little over a year. I like it. I’ve never had any problems with it hooking up to my iPhone. The sound is really good for how small it is. Especially when the volume is at 75% or above.

    It can sound good down to 56% volume. It just depends on where you’re listening to it. When I’m right next to it, say at a quiet bonfire or something, I can have the volume as low as 62, 69% and still be comfortable. But if I’m going to be farther away, I usually have it at 81% volume or Hire. For the 4th this year, my dad had a get together with about 15 people, and I had music going on it with it strapped on one of the rungs on the deck, and for the majority of 7, 8 hours it stayed at 88% volume. During that time, I could easily hear what song was Playing whenever I was 15 yards away when I went to light a firework.

    It’s a comfortable little speaker. It sounds pretty good, it is round, so it can fit in pretty much any cupholder, it has a strap that can fit on a lot more things than the JBL clip 3 can, it sounds a lot better than the clip 3 also. I only use my clip 3 as a shower speaker, and I had to take off the spring bar to get it to go on the shower head pipe where I always put it.

    With the 1 year’s worth of music I‘ve listened to on it, I haven’t heard a song or genre that doesn’t sound good on it. Movies even sound pretty good.

    I really like the way it sounds. I don’t really care, and it shouldn’t really matter if they had to cut corners to make it sound the way it does. Other speakers that are big enough to where they don’t have to cut corners, and can get louder, Sometimes Not every genre sounds good on them like the way I think this speaker does.

    It’s a good speaker for when you don’t want to always have to talk over the music that’s playing, and you can pay attention to whatever else is going on and be entertained with music at the same time.

  • No latency when using with Android device, but what about when you use it with PC (Windows) and watch a movie? Does anybody have a clue?

  • XB12 > Go 2
    XB22 < Flip 5
    XB32 > Flip 5
    XB32 < Charge 4
    XB41 < Extreme 2
    XB60 < Partybox 100
    XB72 < Partybox 300
    XB90 < Partybox 1000.

    Of course, XB90 and Partybox 1000 is not a fair comparison, but Sony doesn't offer anything bigger in it's XB lineup. I wrote SB 32 twice, because it's somewhere between the Flip 5 and the charge 4. I didn't write UE, 'cause all of these speakers are trash.

  • This speaker is designed to reduce the maximum volume to about half (24) when the remaining built-in battery power becomes less than 10% in order to protect the circuit due to extreme voltage fluctuation by using at a loud volume. I found this in SRS-XB31 Sony's help guide. So maybe it is the same reason for SRS-XB12.

  • If you get this speaker and it isn’t loud enough,
    turn it down on the speaker
    Turn it down on the phone

    Turn it uuup on the speaker

    Now you’re good

  • Is distorsion bad for speakers ? Even at low volume when using an app equalizer sometimes i have distorsion. Thanks.

  • any bigger than this, and it wont be portable anymore. sound is not very impressive, true. but it's in sweet spot between mobility and sound quality + nice bass.

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