January 18, 2021

Sony Imaging Edge Mobile App – Transfer Photos to Mobile Device and Remote Control Camera

In this video I will explain how to use the Sony Imagining Edge Mobile App which allows you to transfer your photos to your mobile device and remote control your camera!

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Gear used in this video:
– Sony RX100 VII:
– Sony VCT-SGR1 Shooting Grip:
– SDXC Memory Card:
– Sony A6400:
– Rode Microphone:

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  • Imaging Edge Mobile Update 7.2.2 Update now available for iPhone!! Adds iOS 13 support!! https://apps.apple.com/us/app/imaging-edge-mobile/id489191124

  • I keep getting an error “cannot establish WiFi connection with camera select “ connect with a new camera “ and connect with camera . I don’t see any QR code to scan ! Don’t A5100

  • I need to use a IPad to review pictures. I don’t need them to suck them from camera to iPad. They need to stay on memory card. Is that an option

  • I have an RX 100 III and an RX 10 IV the Imaging Edge Mobil App works perfekt for me and i don't have any problems with these app much better then the previous Play Memories Mobil App.

  • The Imagine Edge Mobile application is bugged. Dont work properly with android – often switchess off – so the bad camera. I never buy sony camera again.

  • THE F'ING WORST PIECE OF CRAP EVER CONCIEVED FROM CHIMPANZEE PROGRAMMERS> Won't connect, Will Connect, Won't see phone, Will see phone. It's like a carny game. A thousand bucks for a camera that has ZERO functionality with the app.

  • Cannot Connect to the new app. The old app play memories was a lot better. Some idiot came up with this new software that doesn’t work. I probably have to do a PHD from Sony japan to get it to work. Not user friendly at all, Sony idiots

  • Sadly, does NOT work anymore with AX53. Says it's connected, but no further options. Bunch of aholes at Sony… making great camera's but don't see the value of making a good app.
    Did work in the old app, now it doesn't . Thnx Sony…. What kind of idiots make and test these??? Not very motivated to build good software, that's for sure… for a multidollar company, it is a shame!!

  • Thanks for the vid! but it doesn't show control smartphone? i have Ver. 3.20 maybe the camera need a new firmwire?

  • Play memories mobile was soooo much better. Imaging Edge is garabage in comparison, but at least this video showed me how it works. So thanks for that!

  • If there is already a smartphone paired to the camera, how do I add a new one of replacing the existing one? I have a SONY Cybershot G DSC-HX50V.

  • You have to put GPS and CAMERA wifi ON then either scan code or enter password direct.

    Did the trick for me and very informative video mate much appreciated 👍

  • I have given up with WLAN (using a A7iii) and Im.Edge Desktop. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. The import via WLAN works after (measured) 45 seconds (maybe, maybe not).

  • But the image after transfer was of low data therefore lower quality. How do I make sure the image quality is retained ? I want the original image size in my phone. Thnx

  • question! mine is showing me that i have “no storage” to suck my photos from my camera to my phone. i have 134 photos and videos that have been transferred to the app. how can i clear space on the app?? it won’t let me at all. 🙁

  • Did this app for some reason limit many functions? I don't have many of these things. Holding to focus doesn't work either. How do you focus using the app?

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