May 8, 2021

Sony HDR-AS50 vs HDR-AS200V : All Aspects Comparison

Side by side comparison with Sony’s HDR-AS50 up against the former mid tier model from 2015 the HDR-AS200V.

RAW Photo/Video Link:

Sony AS50 Detail Spec Sheet (better then manual 😉 ):

Sony AS200V Detail Spec Sheet

List of Cameras:
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Sony HDR-AS50:

Sony HDR-AS50R:

Sony AS200V:

Other Helpful Products

Sony VCT-STG1 Shooting Grip:

Sony MPKAS3 Underwater Housing (AS200 Dive):

Micro SD Card suggestions

Lexar 633x 64gb XC format U3 Class (newest version):

Lexar 633x 64gb XC format U1 Class:

SanDisk Extreme PRO 64GB UHS-I/U3 (Personal Choice For Sony):

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“info version”:”1.00,
“camera type”:”camera a”,

“info version”:”1.00″,
“camera type”:”camera b”,

June 2015


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  • Best camera comparison I've seen. Also, fantastic to see my old neighborhood. I like how subtle you make Hollywood look. I was searching for my house in one of the still shots from the rooftop of the ArcLight garage. And great comparison from Runyon canyon.

  • I have the old AS15, and this couldn't charge and record in the same time which I think is a very big drowback from Sony despite the fact that the image quality is super. Even chead Mobius can do this. Is these newer cams can record and charge? tnx

  • I was wondering if the slight difference in sharpness could be attributed to the lens focus being a little off on the hdr-as50? I just bought an as50 and now someone is selling an as200v for $20 cheaper! bummer. I do love the case though. one more question though, I don't see an external mic port on the as50, is that a port hiding away under the sd card cover on the as200v?

  • Really impressed with your ability to speak rapidly and very clearly. Not everyone has that ability. Thanks for the great comparison. I was looking at a used HDR-AS50 on eBay. Open box. $82 bucks.

  • How cold temp will the A50 record, below -10c and do you need to use the waterproof case on a dirt bike or snow machine ?

  • what about as 50 vs x3000…. ofc the video n features differ, /…..m askin only about the STILL IMAGe / PHOTO quality as both have 4k time lapse?

  • Thanks for the Video Mark! Do you know if its possible to connect the as50 with my as200v remote Control?

  • Hi, the audio test with waterproof case – was that using the supplied case or both using the 60M case (MP-ASK3), ie is the audio difference due to the different cases? or different camera capabilities? Thank you – very useful review.

  • Hey, Mark! Excellent video.
    Can you help me?
    What would be the best choice for IPSC practice?
    Greetings from Brazil

  • Hello friend , i need your help have you tried the Sony Action Cam HDR as300 ?? I just want to record under the water and I am concerned about the buttons on your housing submersible 60 meters since previously I used the action cam hdr200v but i lost … :C :C and its housing was sealed
    sorry for my english

  • Hi Mark, which is good action camera of AS200V and AS50 and SJ6. My priorities are image stabilization and no fish eye, natural colors than saturated colors and good video quality. I am planning to use it to capture for family vacation trip, cycling, walk capture and night life and wide angle without fish eye or curved effects on edges. Yi 4K is out of my budget. You can suggest a better overall action camera.

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