May 9, 2021

Sony Handycam HDR CX405 Review – Best Cheap YouTube Camera?

If you’re looking for a great inexpensive camera to start up your YouTube channel, the Sony Handycam HDR-CX405 could be a great option for you. Get one at It can record in full HD and has a killer lens with a 30x optical zoom and works good in low light! See my video “Why You Don’t Need A Camera With An External Mic Input”

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  • This freaking camera is amazing! I'D LIKE TO KNOW IF I CAN TRANSFER THE VIDS TO MY LG STYLO 4???? DOES anyone KNOW??
    I use it to record my riding lessons & now JUMPING… You can use a mode where it shows frame by frame pic by pic as you approach the jump, take off, through mid-air all the way down… IDK the proper term or name of the setting but it's Sooooo cool. It allows me to see EVERYTHING, are my heels down, are my hands up the neck & out of the horse's way, is my back flat & low but not too forward… It's SUPER easy to use as well, VERY stable, NO shaky movements & the pics & vid is so CLEAR!!

  • Do I get everything that I need to the camera? I have a laptop. Can I use that one for a face cam to my laptop? And how to I connect it to the computer/Discord

  • How does this camera compare to the Canon Vixia? I also saw a Panasonic HC-VX1 4K on Amazon, but it is, just under 600 dollars. Not sure if I can justify spending that amount, if the Sony Handycam or Canon Vixia, is good enough quality for filming videos…

  • Question for ya! I am looking to make electrical videos to put on youtube. So far I've been using my gopro which isn't ideal for project type videos. I was about to buy the Sony AX33 (4k) which is around $650, but then I came across this camera. I really have no desire to shoot in 4k. Do you think this camera would be good??

  • How is the focus when looking at things close up? Can this record for 3 hours continuously if you have a big enough memory card and it plugged into the wall for power?

  • Thanks for the review, great job! Thoughts on using this for top down recording of unboxing videos??

  • I got the cx360. With 5.1 surround sound.. And good in lowlight.. But doesnt makr it cinematic.. I feel like there is not much blur.. On the other hand its smooth and stable..

  • Nice video and even nicer that you answered many questions. I'm going to look to purchase this camcorder. Wishing you much success. 🙂

  • Good review. I have one like this and I love it. I use it for my YouTube channel recording Maths tutorial video files for students. Just great.

  • Thank you for your review. I just bought this camera with WIFI. Cannot find anywhere — in instructions or online — directions for live streaming. Can you help?

  • Demonic Sweaters just bought an old iMac wanting to do some light video editing. Read some reviews about quality when transferring to laptop/desktop. What would be the best way to transfer it in order not to lose that quality if you do not use the SD? Thank in advance, great review as well, best ive seen on the cam.

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