January 8, 2021

Sony FDR AX1 4K video camera hands on review

A hands-on, show-me review of the Sony FDR AX1 4K video camera. Lots of sample footage, demonstrations and examples of the various features.

For up-to-date U$ pricing of the Sony FDR AX1 at B&H:

Producer and Host: Maarten Heilbron
Behind the Scenes:

CONTACT: maarten.heilbron@gmail.com

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  • Thanks Maarten for your informative video!
    It must have been really futuristic back then, when not everyone had a 4K at home, but you made and uploaded it in 4K anyhow.
    I never guessed, that that would've been already possible in 2014…

  • Hello, interesting and clear review. I do have one question if you had the time to answer it. I found this camera used for 1500 Euros. Do you think it would be a good purchase?

  • I am so un happy now Mr.Marrteen camcorder is dead now . i have sony pd 177 and sony hvr z5 . people change on dslr .

  • Maarten, it's incredible how you're consistent and super professional on your reviews. You're a master! Thanks again!

  • Hi please tell me which sensor is better 1" or 1/2.3. And please tell is FDR ax1's sensor is equivalent to dslr full frame cameras.

  • Very nIce review! I own a FDR-AX1. The one thing I am missing is the fact that limiting on the audio CANNOT be turned of, there is always compression/limiting. That is a bummer. If I would have known I would have bought a different camera. I had a hard time discussing this with Sony, it took a while until they admitted that it was in the design that it could not be turned off.

  • Do you think Sony still going to make comsumer camcorder since they don't announce anything in NAB? Will they make AX100 Mark 2?

  • Any advice on how to improve the noisy footage when set on manual mode, especially in low light situations? I find even on 0db gain there is noise?

  • Hiya Maarten,

    Love this comprehensive video of yours!! The camera seems like an awesome one to upgrade to from a DSLR like im using at the moment. I noticed that you said the camera has 2 SDHC/XC card slots and im wondering if you managed to find out whether these were for SD recording or not? Either through firmware updates or otherwise. Im used to working on SD cards and dont really like the idea of buying new XQD cards just for this camera when i have so many SD cards knocking about. I presume that XQD cards fall in the SxS card family?

    Look forward to hearing from you soon!


  • Good afternoon, how big would be a 4k 60p video file per minute? Which kind of memory cards are required? Thank you for the video.

  • good night a year ago I have this camera and I could not with grain produced me in dark places someone can help me with this camra settings so that I will not pass this? thanks

  • +Mansell Heilbron +reza karimi +PetticoatPig
    Do you think which is better for filming some unboxing videos and some field-trip videos? The FDR-AX1E, FDR-AX100E, or the VG900E? These three cameras cover a huge different price range, I don't know which to choose from. I already have a Canon 70D but I really enjoyed the stablization func. provided by Sony's cameras. I decided to trade the camera and upgrade to the Sony camcoorders.
    I'm a individual cameraman and I used to film some video (/movies) with my friends and post it on the YouTube Channel. Thanks for help.

  • Great review, so much to learn from it, for somebody like me, who bearly starts filming and wants to achieve more than just handycam. So thank You Maarten great job!

  • This camera is not all that as it has too much video noise and artifacts. The 100 does a better job. Shot 2 cameras and the 100 was great whiles Ax 1 was a total failure. Unless I am setting it wrongly I am losing faith in this

  • Excellent overview! If I may ask, is the manual focus ring mechanical with hard stops, or an electronic ring? Was wondering if a follow-focus would work on this camera.

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