January 19, 2021

Sony Alpha a37 Review | John Sison

I take a look at Sony’s replacement camera for the a35, the Sony a37 which upgrades the cameras feature set and hardware to make for a compelling camera for entry level photographers.

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Improvements after firmware upgrade

Expanded the number of automatic compensation compliant lenses: SAL30M28, SAL50F14, SAL2470Z, SAL2875, SAL70400G, SAL70200G, SAL35F14G, SAL1635Z.

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  • I have the Sony a37 and I want to buy a remote for it to take pictures. Do you know any compatible cheap remotes for it?

  • Hey I have a sony 37 but I have some problems in using can you define the options of the camera tnx

  • Hello, I'm having a hard time adjusting the auto focus for photos in manual mode and others .. it seems like for photos it does not adjust the auto focus by just pressing the AF button or the shooter button to focus. In video mode it focuses auto! with the approach of the object. In manual mode is it normal to have a processing delay after capture?

  • I have this camera and was wondering if Upgrading to a rebel for video would be better what do you think??

  • Hi John, I am getting started at this area of filming. Is the sony a37 good enough for filming a wedding or a birthay? Or this camera does not do a good job if we compare to other recent cameras. There is a friend of mine who wants to sell his a37 but I got amazed with the new camcorder Canon vixia hf r700, which is better in your opinion? A37 has a 60i full hd and the canon has a 60p full hd.

  • hi John need help in buying I am looking for a camera for learning photography so I have a choice between Sony A37, Nikon D3100 and Canon Rebel t3i or Canon 1100d all of them are in range of $250-$280

  • Hi! I have a Sony a37 with f1.8/50mm lens and I love it. I have this camera for over 2 years now and just barely getting serious with it. I have no problems taking pictures outdoor when it's a cloudy day. But when it's sunny I do not know which angles or settings to set at. Well the only setting I change is the exposure and aperture. The ISO and WB I just leave them on auto. Also my lens and body I leave them on autofocus. I really appreciate it if you could give me some advice and or tips. Thank you!

  • Hello John   I need your advise as I have Alfa 37 please advise me  which lens i should buy Carl zesis  135 mm or 100mm macro for portraits/ flowers/ Birds shooting   

  • Thanks John very useful I purchased this camera but find it very difficult to read the instruction as the font is very small.

    What is the best mode for family portraits? Look forward to your comments.

  • Hello John!  Your reviews are really fantastic.  I've seen many of them.  I really need your opinion for a camera on a budget to take photos of my 2 year old and 10 month old.  I'm using a Sony DSC-HX10V which I like but shows it's weakness when I try to crop.  Trying to decide between the Sony A3000, Sony SLT-A37, Canon EOS-M or Canon T3i.  Love the blurred background effect.  Please help and tell me why?  Mostly will be taking portrait shots of my baby girls.  Thank you!!!! Hope you are well. 

  • Thanks dear for uploading the video. Please, tell me "How to decrease the size of MP 4 Video which recorded from this camera without decreasing the quality

  • Does it have internal memory? I mean no sim card memory. I took some pic without a external memory card… where can I found those pictures 🙁 ? Please help me 🙁

  • For the camera to have longer continuous shooting, you will need a faster memory card. I recommend a class 10 or higher.

  • Hey! Thanks for the review! My a37 when I shot on t7 mode only take 7 photos or less, I have a 16gb class 4 SD Card so this is the problem ?

    Thanks again!
    Excelente video!

  • When I zoom in video mode or photograph, sometimes I get this text: "Check the lens attachment. If the lens is not suppoted, you can permit use of the lens in the custom menu" in video mode, recording ends abruptly when this text appears.
    Check the input and the target is well placed. Do you know how I can solve it? Or if it is normal when zooming?
    Thank you for your attention. 🙂

  • Sorry for the late reply. The difference is that the a57 is larger, has a better build, a better electronic viewfinder and has a tilt and swivel display. It also shoots at 10 frames per second vs 7fps on the a37.

  • If you prefer having a long zoom, the HX300 is better but if you want good image quality and low light performance, the a37 would be better.

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