June 9, 2021

Sony a99 II Hands-on Review

Could this be the perfect all-round camera? With 12fps, 42-megapixels and a 399-point hybrid autofocus system, 4K video and continuous autofocus in video it sounds like a formula for success.

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Sony a99 II:

Brightside Studio – Playing Footsy
Gunnar Olsen – Wandering
Otis McDonald – Show Your Love

Dan Chung:


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  • Spoken closer than the Canadian, and Yankee, dialects of English but still WRONG. It is Kneecone, NOT Nick cawn/Nick awn, and Caw known.

  • Hello Kay, could you help me? I can't choose between this A99ii and the A7iii. I actually use a A77 first gen, but got the great sal 2470z2. Using an adapter and loose so much AF area is just unthinkable. Should I sell all my gear to switch? I would loose money and the 2470GM seems not to worth the price. Does the A99ii still worth to be considered? As a portrait/fashion photographer

  • 6 months with this camera… Just amazing! It is like a Sony A7RII with 11fps. and very fast and accurate Auto Focus… Also, great Eye Focus and grip! Some people are talking about the loss light about the translucent, but it is minimal (maybe not perceptible for most of the photographers)… The video capability could be a problem for AF videographers…Same setting and lens computation… https://flic.kr/p/25DTRD3 (Sony A99II) https://flic.kr/p/H6mf1e (Sony A7III)…

  • Not a video camera. Not looking at it for video. What u pay for is 42 megapixels at 12 FPS. Paired with Profoto D2 puts the 1dxii and d5 to shame because there not even 24 megapixels.

  • Full frame α-mount cameras have a deep and great history but soon they will be technologically obsolete due to the advances of full frame e-mount cameras and lenses. α-mount never was able to compete with Canon EF mount or Nikon F mount.

  • At 00:50 the cheap Minolta AF Apo Tele 300mm f/2.8 G is mentioned.
    Minolta had produced five different versions of Minolta AF Apo Tele 300mm f/2.8 G lens and later Sony another two version. There are seven α-mount versions of the original Minolta AF Apo Tele 300mm f/2.8 G in 1985.
    It can be found in eBay between 700-1500€ depending on the version and condition.

  • For a moment I thought Kai was going to be dragging a knee around those corners and my respect went up 10^99 points…I was let down lol

  • Did you run test for A99II over-heating when shooting 4K video? Sony told me it should run 30 minutes before overheating. I get about 12 minutes and then it gets progressively worse after shutting down to cool off. I got it just over a month ago but they're trying everything to get out of fixing it… I'm suppose to turn off stabilization, tilt the viewer up so the back gets more air, turn off the viewer, or basically turn off all the function you need for shooting video.

  • Why don't you try using A Mode to set the aperture to f3.5 with C-AF? And try keeping it at the same aperture, this would easily be the 80D killer for vlogging.

  • I ended up getting the A7RII even though my previous camera was an A99, I loved it. I still do, I wish Sony hadn’t taken so long to release the A99II. However I feel that mirrorless is the future. I really miss the screen from the A99 though. To me that’s the biggest let down for the A7RII. I’ve loved shooting with it however, and the battery life hasn’t been terrible. But I do have to keep spares handy.

  • It's still better camera overall than D850!
    You've got flippy screen, USB charging, SLog2 video, pdaf for video, evf, better wi-fi connectivity, great choice of cheap lenses, ibis and a lot more.
    My wish for a99III is to have silent electronic shooting like a9, 4k 60p video and without f-stops limitations and of course a touchscreen!

  • Why does he wear that thing on the head? Why is he shooting at a slow moving subject with a fast camera? Why is he watching through the camera viewfinder WITH SUNGLASSES? Ask me now, it's urgent!

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