June 11, 2021

Sony a7RIII Review – A New Full-Frame Champion

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This Sony a7RIII mirrorless camera review takes a look at the a7riii video in 4k, full frame, Super 35, slow motion, low light, dynamic range, image quality, and our overall thoughts about Sony’s new mirrorless camera. —-| DOWNLOAD RAW+JPEG+VIDEO FILES BELOW |—-

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Sally Watson:

Go ahead and mark this date in 2017 on your calendars as the day Sony alpha officially overtook both Canon and Nikon with a full frame professional mirrorless camera. In just 3 generations we have watched the Sony a7R go from a cool concept with a few decent lenses to a professional powerhouse 4k camera with the glass to match.

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  • Hi Dan, I'm looking into buying my first full-frame for portraits. My biggest hesitation with mirrorless is that EVF vs OVF which I am accustomed to. Any thoughts about adjusting to EVF? Debating between this and Canon 5D Mk4 for natural buttery light.

  • Hi Dan I’m in the market for mirroeless camera coming from Fuji XT2. Wanted to switch to Sony A7riii and or the A9. I tried the A7iii at the nearby best buy and not a fan of the lower res EVF and LCD that’s why I’m leaning towards the Riii or the A9. My question is, is it worth the extra $$ to get the A9? I’m a hobbyist but planning to make photography as a business this year. Shooting more of family (with kids), portraits, editorial/lifestyle style shoots and second shooting weddings too other than that I shoot just normal stuff in the house with my family and little kids. Should I get the A9 to catch the fast moving kids and also so when I shoot more weddings then i’m covered with the silent shutter. Or go for the R3 for better MP. What would you get if you will pick one as a event and portrait shooter? Pls help me decide. Thanks in advance.

  • Hello Dan,
    I am coming from fuji x t2 and I had 56mm , 16mm and 35mm prime lenses. now would like to shift to sony and would you recommend a3 or ar3 for me. Generally I shoot portraits of family and friends, some videos and some nature photography. I am just a hobbyist but like sharp pictures which I normally used to achieve with fuji 56mm for portraits. Please advise me

  • Hi Dan, I see you know a lot about photography and asking if you can clear something for me… I was importing some raw files from my nikon D500 and saw same huge difference in exposure between the preview I had before importing the NEF files with acdsee 9 and the imported RAW into lightroom CC classic… The huge difference is that if I open the NEF files into acdsee just to visualize the exposure is higher and closer to the right light… in lightroom the nef files seems so dark…. without post processing at all… I can see a little diference in exposure if I set the camera profile from adobe standard to camera standard etc but the diff in exposure are not so much into lightroom and still so dark…I just realisez I am increasing almost all my photos exposures into lightroom among 1.5-2.5 stops…. I mean to equalize what I am seeing for the same raw file in acdsee I must increase the Exposure in lightroom like 2 stops… why this huge difference and why acdsee seems to read a more correct exposure ?

  • There is something about Sony system never been mentioned or even noticed by reviewers. Of course, people always complaining sony system's lousy menus and control, but actually the real problem is neither the menu itself nor the button layout. The most obvious feature that sony need to improve is the way to toggle between different modes/settings, For example, if i want to change from AF-s to AF-c, even if assigned to one of the custom function button, after pressing that button, there will be a short menu showing up, occupying the entire LCD screen, and you have to scroll though several lines (AF-s, AF-c, MF, DMF in this case) which is, due to smooth action, very slow and very easy to over scroll. There is no way to quickly lock on AF-c with muscle memory. After selecting AF-c, I have to press shutter release once to go back to normal screen to continue shotting. The same goes to changing RAW/JPG, Focus area, WB, on/off steady shot, Full frame/crop mode et al. It requires at lease three sequential steps to complete one change, during which you are not able to frame again, and forced to open LCD screen, since there is no shoulder screen. Whereas, with Nikon/canon system, all you need to do is hold a button (AF mode, WB, RAW, et al) and at the same time push the rear wheel one or two clicks to complete to toggle. In the mean time, you can keep looking through the viewfinder to frame/focus/track the subject, or just look down the shoulder screen, there will be no menu involved in the whole process. I hope sony can get this improved in the future, as this together with slow startup time is probably the last two steps that sony is from a real pro camera as compared with nikon/canon DSLRs, giving the already improved battery and auto focus.

  • I just got my a7r mark3 as upgrade to my old Sony a77. I am absolutely blown away with low light performance. Like wow. This camera is amazing. I am totally sold on mirrorless now. Never going back to DSLR

  • On the Sony A7R 2/3 using the MC-11 adapter does it support AF illuminator/Assist? (for low light focusing).

  • Finally someone who isn't afraid to mention some of the issues/challenges it still faces. Thank you for the honest review. Sounds like Sony has a winner.

  • I've played around with the Sony a7RIII and I found it to be on the smaller size and not fully weather hardened.  I'm likely going for the Nikon D850 that is battle weatherproofed and built strong like the famed Nikon F3 and F4's if you remember those. By the way, I'm not a Nikon focused person. I own various camera manufacturers. I require the specialized lenses and other attachments of the multi-faceted Nikon line. Also, if you haven't checked out the  Sigma 14mm f/1.8 ART DG HSM Lens (a lens of the year contender)   for the Nikon, Canon and Sigma line you should at least read about it. The shot count per battery charge is an amazing 5100 + with battery grip. It does set you back 1000.00 but you get a vertical grip with control buttons, 9FPS and excellent balance.  The 45.7 megapixels provides outstanding resolution. However, its not for everyone when you consider the size and weight. For street/doc photography you can't go wrong with the high res/dynamic range of the smaller Fuji line. And for video the top Panasonic GH5 is in a league of its own. If you want the best you can get a Hasselblad but we can't have everything. I've found that you need certain cameras for specialized needs. The idea that one camera fits all is wishful thinking. Sony has done a great job with this camera but with so many great cameras on the market, the real differntiation is the person behind it.

  • Great video! Would ever consider using this camera for a wedding, both for photography & video?

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