July 22, 2021

Sony A7M2 Review | John Sison

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In this video I take a look at Sony’s A7M2 camera with its latest firmware version to date, version 3.10. With a 24 megapixel sensor and improved ergonomics, this camera looks to be a popular choice for people who are getting into full frame photography.

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B U S I N E S S :


Gear used to film this video:
Sony ILCE-7RM2 (
Sony 28-135mm F4 (
Carl Zeiss 24-70mm F4 (
Rodelink Film Maker (
Rode NT-USB (


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  • hi john.. i would like to give you credits for your reply on my facebook messenger and i have watched most of your videos to get which camera suits me on budget and purpose… i'd end up bought this camera last month and been loving it since day 1! thank you for your review and keep it up!

  • Hi can you answer me whether I should get A7ii or A6300. I used camera mainly for cinematic video, I know A6300 is really good. But, does full frame sensor help a lot in low light condition? I do have Canon 80D, now when I bought either A6300 or A7ii it would be my main camera and let my 80D as secondary.

  • Hi mate! What kind of picture profile are you using? Do you have a guide on how to properly expose for slog2 as well as the camera settings? Thanks.

  • Just got this today. Upgraded from A7 and I'm happy with it. Feels more premium, love the ergonomic on M2 and the AF is way faster than the M1 even with the Sigma MC-11 (tried with canon 50mm stm). IBIS is really helpful too! Go A7ii

  • Hi! Im in a huge dilemma between the a7ii and a6500. I recently enter the wedding cinematogaphy, which kne do unrecommend the most between those 2 for video use? Thx

  • In my country sony a7 price is about the same with a6300, i leaning toward a7. do you recommend sony a7 in 2017 for general photography? Thanks

  • Hey john, thanks for such a good reviewing. Do you recommend a7ii to replacement for canon 6d? Or am i prefer a7rii? Also do you recommend use canon 16-35 via adapter, or am i purchase zeiss 16-35 is better ? Thanks, best wishes.

  • Can i use this with 18-105 g lens sony? is there any vintage and distortion with 18-105 g lens sony in sony a7 ii?

  • LOve Sony's light designs.Is the FF A& series worth the extra weight vs lighter A 6000 series?Do you get a more robust look out of FF?

  • great review. What did you think of that Sigma 70-200 OS? Ive been looking at one with the A mount myself and wondering how it performed for you.

  • I have been enjoying the a7ii since release. i feel like the a7ii and the 35f2.8 is a stellar light weight performer.

  • +John Sison Hi John, I thought fast AF with adapted lenses only works with A7R II, but A7II seems to be acceptable as well. For Sony lenses withou SAM or SSM motor, do they still autofocus with LA-EA3 (but slower) or the AF is not working at all?

  • I love my a7ii, good review, John! I'd like to see what you do with it and your impressions comparing it to other systems you've tried.

  • I had a Sony A7II up until recently I sold it to a person who desperately needed the EVF for their manual lenses and due to his poor eyesight over the years. But I admit, when I used the A7Rii of a colleague, I noticed the upgraded viewfinder was definitely a plus. I personally hope the A7III comes with the updated EVF because I personally enjoy the 24MP sensor and the price point and I 1% of the time use video. Thanks for the videos big time.

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