January 21, 2021

Sony A7 Mark II Hands-On Field Test (Featuring Kyle Marquardt)

Sony’s A7 full frame mirrorless camera was our choice for best camera of the year in 2013. A year later, an update arrives with in-body stabilization and new design. To find out if this is the most capable mirrorless camera on the market, TCSTV’s Chris Niccolls puts the A7 MK II to the test, and professional photographer Kyle Marquardt sees how the new camera compares to his DSLR kit.

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Music Provided By BeatSuite.com

Special thanks to Kyle Marquardt

Shot and Edited By Jordan Drake
Filmed on the Sony FS7

Nguồn: https://sc2-strategy.com/

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  • The Minolta α-7 Digital of 2004 was the first dSLR with sensor stabilization. After 10 years the Sony α-7 II of 2014 was the first full frame mirrorless camera with sensor stabilization too.

  • The Sony a7II was introduced in 2014 one year after the introduction of the original a7 in 2013. So the advancement of sensor performance was not something impressive. The Sony a7III was introduced four years later in 2018 and that's why the sensor performance of the Sony a7III is so impressive.
    The only significant advantage of the Sony a7II is the sensor stabilization.
    Sony has a long tradition of sensor stabilization from its dSLR period. Even before the purchase of Minolta by Sony the Digital Konica Minolta Maxxum/Dynax 5D and 7D had sensor stabilization.

  • A7ii VS A7Rii, My first camera what to pick? is it worth spending those extra money or save them and buy equipment for the cheaper one

  • Testing camera with gloves and complaining that the dials are difficult to use? An advice take your gloves off or try a different glove – not ones for fishing – what is wrong with this dude?

  • Sony a6400 vs Sony a7ii, Which one would you recommend? Taking about both for shooting video and photos, but mostly video

  • Just made a video on this cam for end of 2019 after about 600 photoshoots with models with it. It has great.image quality but damn its really hurting from really really bad battery life

  • This camera sucks. I have used for my underwater housing and can’t work with it, Because of over heating problem. It shut down in the middle of the shoot like 25 minutes. Camera dies with over heat. I hate this camera

  • An interesting intro to this camera, but Chris, what's up with the continuous mention of "one-handed shooting"??? What serious photographer who cares about image quality, would ever consider shooting one-handed? I don't care how good IBIS is…to get the maximum sharpness and image detail, one must use a solid tripod, good technique, optimum aperture, 10-second timer, and good post processing! IMHO, "one-handed shooting" is for cell phones only! 😉

  • you guys do such a great job. love it. can you help me to find the right camera???// i'm looking for a full frame 5 axis in body stabilized. flip out screen. 4k or higher video recording. fantastic auto focus. must be great for low light . this camera will be used primarily for video. can you help me please please

  • Many thanks for all yours videos which are helpful. I have Canon m50 but i'm not happy with iso performance in low light. So i decided to upgrade to full frame kamera, which kamera du you recommend to by canon 6d mark ii or sony A7 ii?

  • Is there a major difference between this model and the A7Rii? I’m at a major crossroads. I will be using it for portraits, boudoir shooting, and lots of video.

  • The film guy is sooooo annoyed with the picture guy. Who takes professional photos with one hand? Hahahaha

  • This guy is a vagina. Lmao 😂 ohhh the wheels are hard to move blah blah blah. Someone missed gym day 😂

  • Love the honest mixed feed back at the end. More of that. But hey, Camstoretv have always been about the honest review

  • Is there a way to record audio with sony a7ii without actually recording video? (to save battery, and for longer recordings)

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