June 13, 2021

SKULL KING (trick taking game) | Beer and Board Games

Tricky trick taking game involving mermaids and pirates. Go booty or go home.
• COURTNEY COLLINS (live show moderator):


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  • We'll be live playing the Robocop VCR game this Saturday! https://live.beerandboard.com or via Patreon: https://patreon.com/beerandboardgames

  • 8:23 is pure Deon gold.
    Craig: Three!
    Deon: Three-three-three !
    Craig: Four!
    Deon: Geddigeddgeddigeddi-geddit!
    Craig: Five!
    Deon: Hit it widda Five, muvvafuggah!!

  • I really enjoyed watching this episode. Great game. I am, however, concerned for Baby Cookie. 🍼🍪❤️

  • This is just the game 'Oh Shit" played with basic playing cards, but they made a pirate twist to it. I love the game oh shit and have been playing it for 15 years with my ol' family. I feel like no one knows about this game and its fun as hell, so the more ways to play, the better!

  • The best thing about this episode was how much you all seemed to be enjoying the game. Love to watch such joy.

  • Good Critters is a great fun social negotiation loot splitting game. Also get the Portal demo of Detective… totally cool and fun game.

  • I'd really love to see someone throw Baby Cookie through the air in a big arc, just to hear her go "Weeeeeee!" in that voice.

  • You should play a game called labyrinth by Ravensburger, so competitive and a great laugh to play when drunk

  • I suggest you play the game I sent you called Spank the Monkey!
    Also, Baby Cookie's letter was the best thing she's done since rooming with Baby Penelope! Hilarious!

  • You guys are one of my guilty pleasures… thank you so much for continuing to produce content and best wishes to all in your personal/professional lives. I'd like to suggest a new type of game that's available at Target stores called Nyctophobia. It's unique because one player acts as both the "bad guy" and moderator, while the other players wear blackout glasses and are forced to run about the gameboard/maze while blind. It's freaking amazing, and I can only imagine how that might go down on game night. Cheers!

  • I would love for you guys to play Tales from the Arabian Nights. I feel like you would have a blast with it!

  • look for the game "plague" first started as an app but the devs made a board game out of it. i would be will ing to send you my copy of it. hi to Courtney!

  • Man I feel super dumb. I reread the wikipedia page on "trick taking" games and listened to aaron explain it two time and it might as well be chinese to me…add that to the wacky hand gestures and I honestly feel like I'm being pranked.

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