June 10, 2021

Review: Sony HDR-CX900 camcorder

A review and tests of Sony’s flagship HD camcorder, the CX900, which records not only in AVCHD but the new XAVC-S format at 50Mbps.

Much of this will also be applicable to Sony’s FDR AX100 model as the only difference with that is that it can also shoot in 4K.

See all our individual test videos:

24p test:

Zoom test:

Stabiliser test:

Low light test:

Image effects test:

Audio test and tips for the best sound quality:

And if you fancy buying one, would you do so via our Amazon link? It helps us keep the reviews going!

(For the 4K AX100 model, click:

Finally, if you’d prefer to read a review rather than watch it then head on over to

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  • Thank you for such a great review.
    I've been looking at this camera for years but I've finally ready to commit to buying it now with help from your review.
    I have one question though what is the lens thread size? I'm looking to by a wide-angle lens and i need the lens thread size?
    is it 58mm ?
    thank you

  • приветствую всех, заказал эту камеру, протестировал все, хотел оставить ее, но увы, когда стартует обьектив, приложите к уху вы услышите работу вентилятора и родной микрофон слышит это жужанье, поставил дополнительный микрофон, катастрофа, отправил обратно… звук для меня очень важен. а в общем камера супер, кроме охлажденя. удачи вам в выборе и здоровья всем.

  • have those stabilization issues been dealt with in a firmware update, by any chance? and does the pxw-x70 have the exact same issues? thanks!

  • really good review! i was just wondering what your thoughts were on the question of this camcorder vs the panasonic HC-v770k which is half the price and a lot of websites say is best for its value. for me i want good low light and sound quality for storm chasing and obviously good color quality. thoughts? Thanks!

  • Sorry for the late question but is it true that the CX900 and AX100 are virtually identical aside from shooting 4K? Like, all the hardware, processing, etc is the same, it just lacks the coding to record in 4K?

  • Hello, Thank you for your wonderful presentation. I live in US, but travel to India on regular basis. I am confused between Sony HDR-CX900 and Sony HDR-CX900E. Which one do you think should be good.

  • very comprehensive review

    one question: who is the zoom in / zoom out when using a wired remote ? is it smooth?

  • Hi. Around the 48 sec mark, you are talking about the ND filters and setting them to "auto" and not getting a good result. From watching other videos, this auto/manual setting is NOT for the ND filter, but rather to allow you to use the other available settings that CAN be configured to manual. Is this an accurate description of this feature?

  • After your review, I'm not sure I want it. I use Canon DSLRs but prefer my Sony FX1 with a Focus Enhancements FS5 recorder. Seems it has a lot of limitations … Now, I'm up in the air again. Thanks for a great review.

  • So helpful! A follow up question: My church is looking at this camera specifically because the majority of shooting we do is in low light. BUT! There's usually a bright screen in the background. The Pastor stands up front with minimal lighting on him, in a dark room, with a bright screen behind him. We want to record him, not the screen. I'm afraid that the camera might not be able to focus correctly in the dark with a bright object in the background. Ideas?

  • Thank you for your analysis. I have bought this camera one week ago. I will return it.  The camera has pretty image quality, but a poor stabilization and it's impossible to make a slow zoom with the ring or the rocket. It is not compatible with LANC remotes 🙁  I decided changed by Canon HF G30.

  • great review, yep the same as the ax-100, I dont use the stabilisation, I use a glidecam 2000. I agree the auto focus is rubbish(as you all say) I have a zoom control for older sonys but got a cheap adapter cable  and the zoom is so much better..

  • Hello , I just got this camera and wanted to ask why doesn't it permanently delete content and the reason for that is when I try to transfer clips or pics to my phone it shows up there…. And secondly with the transfer of content why doesn't it show all the videos of a specific date , it only shows one for that date instead of the three I recorded..

  • Greetings all!  I will be videotaping primarily individuals for a documentary.  The camera store recommended the CX900 but someone else recommended the Canon XA20.  Which one would be best?

  • Hi!!!! I really enjoy your reviews,they are very informative and well estructured,and you as a "autority" in this case,i would like to know your opinion about two camcorders.The Sony HDR-CX900 and the "Panny" HC-X920 wich you have already done a review.
    I like very much of the SONY HDR-CX900 wich is a little more expensive than the "panny" but before of buying one of this two camcorders i would like to know wich one you would choose as a outdoor and indoor use.
    I´m a big fan of pixels density,i would use one of this cameras to tape soccer games(15-45 meters distance from the field),landscapes,low-light cases,and motorized sports,and i would use this camera 3 or 4 times per week…
    So i want to know if the SONY HDR-CX900 compared to "Panny" it really worths the price.
    (Do you notice a big difference of video quality in the two cameras???And wich one takes better pictures????).

  • thanks for the video!!!   I just bought the CX900. How do you set the quality settings.  Im only recording in AVCHD so far. Just not sure on the XAVC-S yet as it takes so much space on computer. Didn't really notice that much difference in quality between the two. HELP!!   thanks again for taking the time to make this video!  it sure helps!! 

  • Clearly you don't like this camera very much so what camera in this procurer category do you like better ? 


  • Applause for your excellent reviews.  As I struggle with a decision on my next camcorder, I've watched a lot of online reviews.  Your reviews are simply the best, the clearest, and most detailed out there.  You go the extra mile and show clips from each camcorder to illustrate what the unit actually does rather than just saying what it does.  Very, very helpful in making a choice.  

    There must be a way to get companies to send you products free or on-loan for you to write reviews.  A shame that you pay for them.  You're doing a splendid job.  

    My challenge now is the Sony CX900 or the Canon G30.  You answer my worry that although the Sony has a l" sensor, the Canon has a faster lens.  Dunno why Sony made that choice.  It's a Carl Zeiss, but…. ditto in omitting internal storage. 🙁  Thanks again.

  • Hi TubeShooterMag, I am torn between Canon G30 and the Sony CX900, they have almost the same price tag..I use my camcorder to record football games of my kids. Is the 20X optical zoom of Canon is a big deal compare to the 12X of sony cx900? In your experienced opinion, what will you get? Thank you so much in advance. I truly appreciate this.

  • Nice review!
    Now, Sony released a new firmware, version 2.0 for the CX900. The autofocus is faster as the zoom during recording, however, the autofocus started to "hunt" a bit.
    The image quality of this camera is amazing. I did a short clip and graded.
    Short clip made with Sony HDR-CX900 footage.

  • Im a retired Firemen and a little burn out.  :0 Can you help me? I want to shoot in  XAVC S HD, however I get the message " MEMORY CARD DOES NOT SUPPORT   RECORDING OF  XAVC S MOVIES. Im using a small 16 gig byte card right now.


  • Hey I think that you have an amazing channel what camera do you prefer the Sony nx30 or the canon xa20 I love the stabilization of the nx30 but a bit focus ring its good too which one do you prefer

  • The CX900 sensor in the body of a Canon semipro like the G30/XA20 would be perfect. Sadly this camera is just not made for professionals, but for consumers.

    Very well done review!

  • I'm simply blown away by the quality of these reviews!  This is the second one I watch from "Tube Shooter Mag" and they set the gold standard for how one reviews a product:  they do their homework, investigate every detail and, importantly, they check out how functions interact with each other (I love how we are shown clearly what happens with each stabilization mode).  This review should have 100,000 hits, not 245!

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