June 10, 2021

Quick and Easy (UPDATED GUIDE) – How to Install Satisfactory Game MODS


Hey guys! Welcome back to another guide on Satisfactory, this time we’re playing around with the new mod loader so that we can play around with all the new mods brought to the Satisfactory game by the amazing modding community!

Ficsit.app – Mod Page

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  • I tried running the satisfactory mod manager setup, but a message popped up saying that Windows stopped it from running and if it runs, my pc might be at risk. Is it still ok for me to run it?

  • Any word if the Mod loader is compatible with the Steam version? I haven't seen anything online so far.

  • thanks total i finally decided to bite the bullet and get a modded save so i could make the mega factory of my dreams

  • Willyou still be able to use the epic launcher to start the game, when you installed the launcher ordo you have to selectthe vanilla "branch" in the modlauncher?
    Also I wondered how maps withcertain mods are handeled: Will you be able to select a vanilla map in a modded session and will this create a "modded" copy of the map and the one in vanilla remains untuched or will you just be not able to open the map in vanilla anymore?

  • My satisfactory will not start after I installed the mods. Are some mods causing this? Or is it just a bug? I have some mods made a long time ago, are those causing it to stop running?

  • The ability to mod makes great games amazing, this is what brought me to PC gaming years ago and I've rarely looked back. It's also really special when the devs embrace their modding community and encourage it rather than making it harder. And everytime I think I can spend the day playing something else I end up looking at Satisfactory videos, sigh, and open the Epic launcher.

  • Hey, first of all, I like a lot your content, then, how do you uninstall the mods afterwards? I have deleted all of them but it still says me that i'm running the game with mod loader and that i got 1 mod loaded (i launch it through epic games launcher). btw on your last mod video you were talking about future optimization mods, have you heard of one yet?

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