October 27, 2020

Product Feature | Alpha 99 II | Sony | α

A new flagship A-mount model, the α99 II. A successor to the highly acclaimed ɑ99, the new α99 II combines the best of Sony’s latest digital imaging innovations with exclusive Sony A-mount features such as Translucent Mirror Technology (TMT). The result is a supremely specified, professional level camera.


About Sony:
At Sony, our mission is to be a company that inspires and fulfills your curiosity. Our unlimited passion for technology, content and services, and relentless pursuit of innovation, drives us to deliver ground-breaking new excitement and entertainment in ways that only Sony can, creating unique new cultures and experiences. Everything we do is to move you emotionally. Be moved.

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α99 II – Product Feature | α | Sony

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  • Sony has buried the A-mount over a decade ago.
    They were lucky to sucker many photographers into buying many left over A99 body into Mark II.
    They paid all reviewers not to say anything about the A99 series nor the A-mount system.

  • I know I'm late to post this but, I recently upgraded from my A900 to The A99II. I read all the reviews of the E-Mount system of cameras and even hired and used a few and I just didn't like them. I decided to stick with the A-Mount and wow! Am I glad I did. The A99II is just perfect for me in every way , best camera ever imo.

  • This camera isn't for professionals!

    Why? Let's make a deduction!

    Professional photographers often are involved in a very determined type of photography. Those who portray usually use high res cameras with low Autofocus speed and very often these cameras are for example just 5fps capable.
    Sports Photographers often use cameras with very fast AF, low light sensitivity and many FPS joined to a not-so-high res sensor so that buffer doesn't fail, and also ensure a very low amount of noise when using high ISOs.

    Cameras that are made "for all kind of task" have an average high resolution sensor, average AF speed and average frames per second.

    Sony A99II has a high resolution sensor, joined to a high speed AF split in two different planes (the photographic sensor and the other one who receives the reflected image from the mirror). Sony A99II has an astounding screen which 's axis can be twirled like a piece of fabric! Sony A99II has a low ISO capability for a professional camera, but you obtain all clean images without noise… The A99II has a reinforced mount made for big and heavy telephoto lenses.
    The A99II has a very high rate of FPS. 60 RAW files are VERY VERY GOOD for a 42 megapixel sensor. Why do you then think that 200JPEG by the Nikon D5 is good, when it has even less than half the resolution of the A99II and the Nikon has XQD compatibility whereas the Alpha doesn't?

    This camera has a lot of things that almost reach the extreme. So this is not a professional camera. __This is the camera for the best photographers; the high end hobbyists!

  • hi.many brand in todays .gone by times to times.faces too.places to see.places to views.sony .canon.nikon.three kind of best.see pictures of color ? sharper ? black and white !!!

  • I never left the A-mount. Just sold my a900, along with an arm and a leg. Been waiting for this camera for awhile. Never switched to the A7 line because my hands are so big. 🙂

  • This translucent mirror…. it moves up while taking the actual pic, right?
    Otherwise, does it block a little light?

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