January 17, 2021

Philips SGC2909 / GGE909 Gamecontroller Drivers For Windows 7/8/10



This is a hack (or patch, if you like) that enables Force Feedback for
the PHILIPS SGC2909/27 Retractable PC game controller (also known as Game Elements GGC909) under Windows 7, 8, and 10 32-bit AND 64-bit (!) by applying some registry entries of a standard USB Vibration gamepad driver to the PHILIPS. It is not the most stable and cleanest solution but it works in most cases.


1. Disconnect your game controller from your PC.
2. Run “USB GAMEPAD 0045.EXE” to install the USB Gamepad Driver.
3. Double click “GGE909 Force Feedback Activator.reg” to patch the Windows Registry
4. (OPTIONAL) If your game requires an xBox controller, copy “dinput8.dll”,
“x360ce.ini” and “xinput1_3.dll” into the same folder with the game executable.
5. Enjoy your games with a rumbling pad!


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  • Thank you so much for this video and the uploaded files! I have had this same controller for many years and didn't even know I could get vibration on it, with the newer Windows versions!

  • Will this work on GGE908 controllers?

    Edit: I just bought the Game Elements Recoil Gamepad (GGE908) from ebay and tried out the drivers linked from the description. Surprisingly enough, it also works on this game controller as well. Thank you for making this video. ^^

  • Can you help me make my Xbox thrustmaster Ferrari 458 spider steering wheel work with my PC? The spider version isn't compatible with the windows like the Italia version is so I was wondering if you know of any hacks that would help me make it work with Windows

  • thank you for making this video i have the gge909 recoil all the controls work using your driver in matrix the path of neo so that proves the driver is good. im also hoping to use the 360 control for games that need it thanks bro.

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