January 22, 2021

Miami vs Clemson Tigers ACC Football Championship Condensed Game 2017

The Clemson Tigers topped the Miami Hurricanes 38-3 to win the 2017 ACC Championship football game.


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  • this is are year we play Clemson again in the ACCCG and we play em' tight. For crying out loud the struggled against UNC last year. I think we can give em' a run for there money with the talent we got this year.

  • So glad rosier is gone, that is the best thing to that ever happened to Miami in recent memory, poor decision making

  • Miami wasn’t ready, and I ran into a Miami guy at the pizza joint, I told him he’d be disappointed. He said “ well we both have good D” I said you’re not ready for us, maybe a few years . But not this year.

  • Right before this game was the last time Miami fans had the illusion they were good. Everything after this game, was a reality check. The entire 2018 season.

  • I dont get how this was a neutral field I went to that game and that's basically a home game for Clemson who ever plays them

  • I remember a certain Big East championship game a few years ago. Donovan McNabb and Syracuse put a beating on the Canes in that game. A few years later, Miami fielded the most dominant college football team of all time (2001) and I believe that history will repeat itself. Miami is coming.

  • Poor SugarCanes…. 😂That streak of 7 in a row fixing to start again! So glad Clemson was able to hand that ass to ya! Get ready it is coming again x2! And I can't leave without saying Clemson you in that also! GET READY… #COMINGFORTHATCROWN18

  • 2 fumbles which should have been picked up by Miami, and a lost fumble because of a dancing wide out demonstrates loss of concentration, meaning they were intimidated. I played college football, and when one is sure one can compete with an opponent, one usually concentrates, but when one is intimidated coming into the game, there is a separation from what one is experiencing, and one's thought process, hence lack of concentration.

  • 22 yard filed goal on a 4th and 1 with 3.5 minutes left in the game, after playing against the 2nd string defense for the entire 4th quarter. Mark Richt were you trying to win the ACC championship or were you trying to tell people at lest we weren't shut out. That call to kick a field goal pretty much summarizes the amount of fight and will to win that the entire Miami roster and coaching staff had going into that game.

  • Crazy how bad of a game we played just overall catching tackling. Scooping fumbles. Jesus. I see improvement next year. We’ll be back. See you there clemson

  • As a Clemson student I’m very excited to see Miami get even better over the next couple years and become what I think is Clemson’s next great ACC rival.

  • A carbon copy of this game will happen when Clemson plays Alabama, Except Alabama will not score against Clemson. Miami was lucky to get that fg.

  • I've been a loyal Hurricanes fan for 37 years, but we were Outplayed and Over matched by a much better Clemson team. GG Clemson and Good Luck in the Playoffs.

  • I'm a Clemson fan but Miami is going to get better and better in the coming years. FSU has fallen off and Miami is going to recruit a lot of the best players in the state. It will be good for the ACC to have another elite team.

  • That fake toss is pretty nifty. We gripe about the play-calling all the time, but that's a pretty nice play

  • I almost smashed my tv when Mailk Young had a 1000% turnover and just butterfingered the ball. Rosier couldn't stick his thumb up his ass and o- line got trashed. Clemson should be favorite to win it all. 🙌🙌 #storm18.

  • Sobering loss but doesn't erase all the good things the young Canes did this year. Rosier needs real competition but the team is loaded with talent, especially on D.

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