January 20, 2021

Magic the Gathering: Heroes of Dominaria Review with the Game Boy Geek

My review if this board game in the Magic the Gathering universe by Wizkids Games where you’ll be using action selection and resource management. You’ll be moving your heroes around, gathering mana, and using powerful artifacts and completing both public and private quests.

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  • Boring euro game with a magic the gathering theme slapped on. The fact that all the planeswalkers have the same abilities on their player mats is just atrocious. Chandra does the same as Karn? This is a miss WOTC.

  • Boring euro game with a magic the gathering theme slapped on. The fact that all the planeswalkers have the same abilities on their player mats is just atrocious. Chandra does the same as Karn? This is a miss WOTC.

  • 'mana farmer' Looks like a swing-and-a-miss for WoC.
    …I liked MTG Arena of Planeswalkers, better strategic and tactile gameplay..

  • Thanks for the review. This is a VP salad Euro and not Magic, but I didn't think Planeswalkers should just be summoned monsters who whack your opponent. Greater beings should be changing the world and bending it to their needs, not be oversized goblins who can be unsummoned.

  • This game has Nothing to do with Dominaria nor these planeswalkers! No relevant ability at all! Just a money-grabber from WoC. A lot of that going around these days. Thanks for the review Now I don’t have to buy it.

  • Thanks for the review.
    Overall, I think this game would have benefited greatly from a final design pass – especially on the component side of things. The fact the minis aren't really used for anything and the other wooden components look like this is an early playtest version is a bummer.

  • I can’t find info about the designers online, but you mention that they are the same designers of “Lords of Waterdeep and “Tyrants of the “Underdark”. Are they listed on the box?

  • The game just sounds boring. It's sad because it looks well designed, well balanced, but what am I doing every turn? Get Mana to put a wooden marker on the board so I can get more Mana to do the same thing again but more efficiently. Rinse and repeat for 10 rounds. Doesn't look interesting or fulfilling at all.

  • This game isn’t made for Magic Players. Wizards of the Coast puts out a board game every year with the Magic theme to be sold in big box stores to capitalize on 4th quarter sales. Most dedicated card shops probably won’t even stock this because Walmart and miniature market will probably be selling it only a few dollars higher than distributors are charging. That’s how the only Magic board game ended up at $5 and below now (if they have them in your state)

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