January 19, 2021

Longplay of Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie's Revenge

Longplay of Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie’s Revenge, played as the PAL version on the PlayStation 2. This game’s version was released on Sep. 30th, 2005. Please give the video a like! Timecodes are below!

0:00:00 – Opening
0:05:20 – Chapter 1
0:18:49 – Boss 1
0:26:15 – Chapter 2
0:35:52 – Chapter 3
0:42:55 – Boss 2
0:57:48 – Chapter 4
1:16:37 – Chapter 5
1:18:15 – Boss 3
1:20:47 – Boss 4 (Main reason to play this game)
1:29:29 – Chapter 6
1:44:06 – Boss 5
1:56:35 – Chapter 7 1/2
2:01:00 – Secret Chapter: Dedly Nightshade
2:10:26 – Most agonising part of the game 1
2:14:05 – Chapter 7 2/2
2:25:03 – Chapter 8/Boss 6
2:32:38 – Chapter 9
2:39:00 – Most agonising part of the game 2
2:50:45 – Chapter 10
3:07:53 – Chapter 11
3:13:25 – Boss 7
3:16:48 – Chapter 12 1/2
3:32:18 – Secret Chapter: Bone Biscuit Burglary
3:34:07 – Boss 8
3:41:42 – Chapter 12 2/2
3:46:47 – Chapter 13
4:03:30 – Most agonising part of the game 3
4:04:24 – Most agonising part of the game 4 (heavily cut down)
4:27:16 – Chapter 14
4:45:40 – Chapter 15/ Boss 9
4:53:52 – Chapter 16
5:01:00 – Boss 10
5:13:57 – Chapter 17/ Boss 11
5:22:41 – Chapter 18
6:01:18 – Chapter 19
6:25:02 – Chapter 20/ Boss 12
6:31:04 – Chapter 21
6:42:07 – Chapter 22
6:46:44 – Most agonising part of the game 5 (you have to do this twice)
6:57:59 – Chapter 23
7:03:02 – Boss 13
7:09:22 – Chapter 24
7:14:42 – Final Boss
7:26:53 – Ending & Credits
7:36:25 -Jack’s House (Extras)

By: nikodem123asdf

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  • Alright so here we have Nightmare Before Christmas for the PS2 (it's also on the XBOX). I had high expectations going into this game, not just because it's based on one of the best stopmotion movies of all time and because it was being made by capcom but also because capcom has made quite a few really excellent licence games around that time, before and a few since.
    The presentation and the optimisation of this game is absolutely top notch. Everything looks and sounds like it's taken straight from the movie except for the framerate which is smooth 60 at all times. The music was actually redone to fit more into the sequences in the game featuring voices of the voicecast from the game to not feel out of place as well as various adjustments to the lyrics (which still doesn't mean it aint copyrighted to hell and back but whatever). And the voice cast for the game sounds incredibly professional considering it's capcom. The writing is also very fitting to the theme and atmosphere of the movie even tho the story's not exactly that strong.

    Now when it comes to the whole rest of the game… strap up it's a bumpy ride.
    The genre of choice is fundamentally wrong, I have no idea why anyone at capcom felt the need to make this into a Devil May Cry style game. The movie only had one fight scene which was still mostly dancing. Jack's most recognizable traits are that he's swift and agile and that he can jump… now what genre fits that… maybe a goddamn 3D platformer!? But you know what that would not be so bad on it's own if the gameplay was enjoyable but … well even the original Xbox has a better DMC style game on it which coincidentally was also based on a movie (It's Van Helsing play that instead). I'm gonna sum up my main gripe points here:
    -combat is incredibly repettitive as you only have 3-4 attacks and no combos.
    -the game is excessively grindy forcing you to replay stages dozens of times to afford upgrades.
    -the weapon upgrade shop is hidden, unless you go left in the witches shop you'll never know it's there and the camera angles in the shop do not give a single hint there is anything more there.
    -the difficulty is pretty cheap with enemies often sniping you from off screen and throwing projectiles without any audible sound que.
    -continue system is sadistic as it makes you pay a % of your money to essentially reset the whole stage (very few instances where that's not the case). There is almost no situation where re-loading a save isn't a better solution.
    -the rhythm minigames are absolute bullshit they use up to 8 different inputs which all come from the same direction, without any distinctive sound cue, not only that the sound mixing makes it nigh impossible to actually hear the tone (I used a cheatcode cause fuck it).
    -most missions are artificially padded with pointless walking with literally nothing going on and backtracking for health and such which doesn't get replenished upon finishing a mission, which wouldn't be as annoying if not for the fact that there is a strict time bonus on each stage…
    -the game's simultaniously too bare bones to be enjoyable as a DMC style game and too hard for most non gamer fans of the movie to pick up and enjoy

    Ok, not that I got that out of my system let's not about the 2 systems this was made for. The game was originally made for the PS2 and then ported to the XBOX. I played both versions and I can say you can't go wrong with any of them. Both versions have pretty much the exact same texture-work and geometry and both run at smooth 60 frames with no dips, there are some minor differences in effects but nothing too spectacular.
    The Xbox version supports 480p and looks a bit sharper but has some really badly compressed FMV's that try to pretend they're in engine graphics ( a few were re-shot for the xbox version specifically but sadly not most of them).
    The PS2 version has better looking in engine FMV's (they do look different from in engine graphics here, but I have some of the best processing equipment for this shit) but it uses quite an aggressive motion blur to combat interlacing artifacts (the xbox version also has motion blur but it's toned down allot).

    BTW this was pretty much a 100% playthrough, I got all the meaningful collectibles like HP, weapon and bottle upgrades and I shown off all the secret chapters and hidden rooms. I didn't bother to collect all the figurines and costumes cause A I ain't S ranking this game and B there is a cheatcode for that.

  • I really dont like how they rarely used the Charged Spin Attack (I Am The Pumpkin King). He probably couldve gotten an S Rank for most of those Chapters if he used it more often. Especially with the Ghosts.

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  • Disney games:

    Epic Mickey
    The nightmare before christmas oogie's revenge
    Kingdom hearts
    Disney heroes battle mode
    Ducktales the game

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