January 17, 2021

Is This The Best Satisfactory MOD Pak Utility Mod Satisfactory Game

Hello guys and welcome to our first episode in our Satisfactory Mod Spotlight.

Today we’re checking out the PAK Utility Mod which brings us a whole bunch of useful tools, especially for content creators all thanks to the following awesome contributors:
Brabb3l and his original Mod
Mircearoata for Replicating it to the new SML.

If this is a mod that you want to grab for your game be sure to grab the new SML from Ficsit.app to make your mod install super easy, if you’re not sure how, check my new video on installing Mods in Satisfactory!

But be warned if you abuse this mod, it will ruin the fun of the game!

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  • All I want is pure and simple – a true "zen" mode, no frackin' "enemies". BTW – since when did native wildlife become our enemy? I've read so many comments on the net from people who simply love the game, want to build, build, build and yet have set the game aside due to the "enemies".

    There are also those who would love to play the game but physically, for one reason or another, cannot survive the combat. It's time, Coffee Stain, to give us an option, a mode, like the mod "Peaceful Mode".

    A link to the mod would be handy 😛

  • Hey guys gals Frostyside here being a mega Builder and having played through five times from scratch now when I want to work on a special project to this mod definitely takes the cake. I can work on design concept new building styles without having to tediously go from scratch all the way through the steps time after time . Also it's already stressed to not mod unless you thoroughly play the game otherwise it will ruin your experience. But if you're a mega builder and want the speed and you have the materials then give this mod a shot.

  • ive i ever go to do guids like you do, i wil definitly use this mod. but i totaly agree it will ruin a normal playthrue

  • watching video
    "Nice, I skipped over this mod in the list, I may check this one out… good recommenda-"
    spiders come up on screen

  • I have used this since it first came out in Update 2. Nice thing too is you dont have to use all the features, I only use god mode and flying. Total, this should help you a lot with your spider fights! haha

  • in all honesty i would only use this mod in a non playthrough world to test out ideas for factory designs and or coming up with proper set ups for each different item

  • And now that I have a new mod that doesnt crash the game like the one I was using….maybe now I can work on that build that I told you about.

  • Yay a video from Xclipse. And it's a video on a good useful mod. Yes yes yes. Hope your doing well Xclipse.

  • As a content creator, this mod definitely helps with building factories for guides. You should have told me about this mod before I did all my tutorials XD

  • I do use this in my play through. Hear me out. I use it exclusively for flying while I’m doing mega builds. It just cuts the build time in half and makes checking out aesthetic from afar v convenient

  • I am sticking to vanilla, it will make the creation that I am building, even more impressive. I am actually enjoying the grind, it is not much of a grind anyway, as I find my imagination decides how much work I have to do. producing parts is secondary to that.

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