June 12, 2021

Is the Sony A7R II Worth Buying in 2019?

Is the Sony A7R II worth buying in 2019? Let’s talk about it.
Interested in buying the Sony A7R II? Check it out right here and help me out!

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  • 42 megapixels, no Anti-Alias filter!! This is still a winner for photo especially landscape/product And only USD 1800 now! Battery life not great but easy to power externally. Almost bought the brand new Canon R5 but: it has the AA filter = less detail despite being 45mp. Also to power the R5 externally, you need to use a dummy battery, which is lame. Of course A7r II video is very outdated now but for a stills shooter, it's not a biggie.

  • you can use USB charging to compensate for the smaller battery
    the image quality is very good. you will not notice the difference unless you pixel peep when compared to a7riii
    the only major features that are better/matter in a7riii/a7iii are
    1. the 10fps shooting speed which most people don't need unless they are shooting sports stuff
    2. little bit better low light performance
    3. the quick access button to crop (whereas in a7rii you can't assign a shortcut)
    A7RII is really a very good camera. If you are not a professional level photographer who needs the best of everything, A7RII suits all your needs

  • Why does nobody talks and complains about the annoying proximity sensor of the A7RII? It makes shooting with the monitor in bright daylight impossible (it switches to EVF constantly). There are recommended fixes (glue black tape over half of theoroximity sensor) but they don’t work very well.

  • It was an excellent camera when new and is still an excellent camera today. Does not have all the bells and whistles but it still rocks the house. Just be sure you have at least 4 or more batteries to cycle through. I have had all the R series cameras and currently have the rIII and rIV. Look for a good deal but if you can fork over enough for the A7rIII it would be a better bet for you.

  • Sorry, for me the most important thing in a camera is….. taking pictures….I just heard about display, battery and video.
    That video was not helpful for me.
    I still don't know, if it is worth for buying this cam for taking a picture

  • I am a owner of an SLT-A77 camera and want to upgrade it by getting a full frame. But all these cameras doesn't have GPS anymore! Is this a joke or what? I found a new A7R II (1400 EUR), but the no-GPS capability and the low FPS (5/sec) demoralized me.

  • The 720 120p is actualy quite good. For a few seconds in between clips, it's really good. I've seen comparisons with the a6300 which I own, and the 1080 isnt much better than 720.

  • In Feb 2020 it's down to $1400 brand new and $1000 used. For stills, especially landscape, I can't imagine better image quality for the price… I have an a7r Mk 1 and will be upgrading very soon.

  • Going into 2020 with it; even if you need to rent better gear for a project, it's still amazing to have around

  • So it's 2019 and I found one for 1,000 with a grip, some extra batteries but body only. It's not bad and only has like 7-10k actuations

  • Have the opportunity to get a 7r2 used for about 500. Guy says the camera just got back from sony with a new shutter and sensor cleaning. I'm kind of skeptical, but if it's legit, it's a hell of a deal

  • a7R2 was one of the best camera. I mean not anymore. a7m3 is a way better one with just a little extra charge.

  • a7rii is also the last sony mirrorless to use the sony apps, and allows you to use things like smooth reflection that lets you shoot long exposures during daylight without an nd, and extremely long exposures at night, surpassing 30 seconds. I don't think the usability and pure function and fidelity of the a7r2 will be surpassed perhaps ever, certainly not for the near future. The only thing that comes close is the olympus cameras, and they're crippled by being micro 4/3rds.

  • It's $1,398.00 on Amazon right now. If I didn't have so much cameras I would buy it in a heart beat.
    High megapixel ff camera, that could pretty much put any lenses on it….. I remember when I first bought my Nikon D3 in 2007 and it cost me around $5k. Back then only ff camera that was available were 5dmk1, 5dmk2, and D3, before D700 came out. Man what a wonderful time it is to be a photographer. My D200 cost me about $1500.00 btw and that was APS-C CCD sensor. with max ISO 1600 I think and it was grainier than your newest iPhone. I mean I will still take my D200(plus fast prime) over an iPhone but you get the point.

  • This camera is one of the worst cameras I have ever owned. Go for the iii or the iv. The color on this one is particularly bad.

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