June 11, 2021

GameMaker Studio 2: Complete Platformer Tutorial (Part 1: Basics)

▶ Source code:

Aimed at total beginners. Set up movement, gravity and collisions in fewer than 40 lines of code. The start of a complete series that will cover a wide range of topics for beginners and intermediate developers alike.

New parts to this series released every other Friday.

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My old content was getting a bit old. So bringing it all forwards for GameMaker Studio 2, newer methods, and my new and hopefully improved editing skills! Sorry for those of you whom this video touches on old ground but stick with it, while I’m targeting beginners initially this course is going to ramp up quickly!

Nguồn: https://sc2-strategy.com/

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  • it won't let me type any code in when I select to create it wants me to select one of many boxes to the right

  • Hey Shuan – I've been using this code for my movement, but I'm now looking into some stuff for platforms you can jump-through, and the code from this is colliding with the code from it, resulting in my vsp being set to 0 when I touch the jump-through platform but then immediately being reset afterwards. Do you know how one might implement jump-through platforming with this movement code?

  • I didn't quite understand why when using place_meeting, y+1 refered to anything below the sprite if the sprite origin was at the middle center, but when reading the documentation I learned that place_meeting uses the bounding boxes of the sprite (if they do not have precise collision) and not the sprite origin. In case somebody else wonders

  • Ok guys, if you had a problem with collisions, check if there is "!" before place_meeting. After adding exclamation point, my character started to work properly.

  • 7:03 For anyone who got worried when you clicked, "create" but no space to code appeared, don't worry. Just go to the Events Tab, right click Create to open a drop-down menu, and select, "Convert to GML." Or it'll say something similar to that. Then boom, you'll have the same screen this guy does.
    10:18 Also, it's at this point when it clicked, "Oh, I see why people like dark theme. My eyes aren't bleeding right now." First time I've used dark theme in a game editing tool.
    16:40 Oh I get it, and that is very clever Mr. Spalding~.
    Finally, I want to say thanks a ton man! You explained everything very plainly and simply. Looking forward to the rest of your tutorials!

  • in my this is giving an error … when I press to the right the character goes to the left, and when I press to the right, it goes to the left

  • Why is my owall not red it always turns blue and there seems to be no red option? Is there any way to change it?

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