November 25, 2020

EU4 Germany vs Million man coalition ; easy victory.

So I wanted something idle and quiet and relaxing and easy and fun to do while i re-watched all 3 seasons of game of thrones, This is the result.

I found prussia to be a very fun late-game, but the early-mid game was just a bunch of ‘let a strong ally babysit you’ like most small nations… That’s why I’ve really enjoyed the loner nations (brittain/france/burgundy/portugal/spain/ottomans) because being forced to rely on yourself rather than your strong ai allies is more challenging nad more rewarding. 🙂 Other EU4 Playlists: (There are hundreds of hours of EU4 videos all organized in playlists on my channel , scroll down to the EU4 section. Savoy, Venice, Austria, Poland, England, Burgundy, Ming)


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  • Just hittin that l a b e n s r a u m Nice video bro. I have Prussia and am playing in 1751. Do you think I have enough time to get to where you’re at with Germany? Just survived a coalition war against France but it nearly wiped out my entire army

  • Your kinda new to eu4 right ? I mean cmon borders and not dismantled the hre I stoped rellying on allies as Brandenburg in 1470 only to stop coalitions and in 1560 I got coalitions super hard still no prob

  • This is an older video sure but I don't think at any point they got 20% discipline in their ambitions as the person making this video says Prussia gets 10%, which is still wrong as they get 7,5% last I checked.
    If this was different in the earlier patch, I'm not certain but I am certain that he didn't play vanilla at least.

  • Played Prussia got Poland out of Commonwealth attacked Teutonic Order half annexed it takes over half germany
    fuck over austria alone forms Germany War against Ottomans wins another war against Ottomans lost had to release all my shit gg Ottomans op

  • I find it annoying how I'm always 2nd. I was a once 10 points behind but I had a co-alition and lost. Hate you Burgundy.

  • In my Germany game, i destroyed the HRE right before i became Germany (i had a plan to do it before hand by making no electors, and super weak emperor), then the took all of North and south Germany. I single handedly beat france and he's allys, britian, austria, poland and lithuania, and killed poland lithuania, killed all of hre (but not neatherlands, we were allyed) I beat scandinava, but the only thing i have never seen was iceland, and they form and never went to war, ever. And i controled more land then the hre ever controled in the game, my last war was with the ottomans who had 3 times my ally, crusted armys, but game ended in the first years of war (Russia my ally started it)

  • Try playing as Jan Mayen.

    I did. Ended up conquering or colonizing THE ENTIRETY of the map. Had 2 million men forcelimit and 1 million men standing army and no unrest.

    xD and before you ask, the answer is: "because I can…"

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