January 6, 2021

2 Different Spots To Glitch Out Of The Map On Prey

I made a video yesterday showing how to glitch out the map in Prey. Unfortunately the audio was a split second ahead of the video. When I woke up today I also saw a video by Exploit Theory on YouTube showing how they glitched out of the map in a different spot. So today I thought I’d try glitching out in both spots again. Both in their spot and mine while trying to explain how to do it.

3:20 The way I found to glitch out of the map
7:57 The way Exploit Theory’s found to glitch out of the map

I’ve confirmed Exploit Theory’s spot works and would love if they or someone else would do a video confirming mine worked! 🙂

My original video showing how to glitch out of the map:

Exploit Theory’s original video showing how to glitch out of the map:

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  • Did you know about a way how to skip part of the intro until you wake up in the bed again? Unfortunately you don't get the wrench because the lady isn't dead and your stuck with the helicopter waypoint stuck on your screen

  • Great video and too bad you can't go to the moon XD
    Prey coming out very soon and can't wait to play it myself 🙂
    I'm also gaming channel and if you don't mind stop by to say hello.
    Hope we can stay active and support each other 😀

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  • Wow two spots! Oh lord. I hope the dev team contact you because if they dont I feel like you are just gunna slaughter this game….

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